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Students who are searching for a school where they can obtain a sound education and also grow spiritually should consider attending Tennessee Temple University. Tennessee Temple University (or TTU) is a school that is totally committed to helping their students become the people that God has intended them to become.

At this institution of higher learning, it is all about community which is achieved through service, fellowship, accountability and encouragement. Whether a student is supporting the school’s athletic teams or simply attending small group meetings, weekly chapel, taking part in campus activities or is an active member of service groups and other organizations; he or she will definitely find their place in the Tennessee Temple University family. Students are guaranteed of getting a sound education at TTU and also get lots of opportunities to develop life impacting relationships that is maintained long after their college experience.


Information Summary

Ranks 50th in Tennessee and 1961st overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 64.0
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $23,250
Admission Success rate 78%
ACT / SAT 75%ile scores 20 / 1010
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 41 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 67% / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 1,010


Tennessee Temple University was founded in 1946 and has a really strong passion for challenging its students academically and supporting them to grow in their faith. TTU believes in imparting knowledge that is fuelled by the ideal combination of passion and purpose.


The creation of Tennessee Temple schools was orchestrated by Lee Roberson who made it his mission to lead Highland Park Baptist Church to create an institution of higher learning in 1946, now known as Tennessee Temple University. TTU was initially a 2-year institution and Bible school; it later grew to become a 4-year institution, Bible college & seminary. In 1979, the school was granted a university status.

TTU is an accredited institution of higher learning. The American Association of Bible Colleges (currently referred to as ABHE) in 1984, accredited Tennessee Temple University. However, since 2000 (in September to be precise), TRACS (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools) have been accrediting TTU.

ABHE and TRACS are two accreditors that are well recognized by Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the United States Department of Education.

In the month of March 2008, Temple’s new president, Dr. Danny Lovett, made an announcement at Highland Baptist Church and in the school’s chapel services, he said that the institution would add distance education courses to its current program offerings not only in the United States but all through English speaking countries and in the nations of Iraq and Vietnam.

Programs Offered

The academic programs for students at TTU are specifically designed to develop communication skills, problem solving skills and critical thinking, so that each student will be adequately prepared for a successful life of leadership and service. Tennessee Temple University offers eleven majors and twenty minors.

TTU is an institution with numerous departments of studies. Below is the list of educational departments at the school:

  • Bible Department
  • Business Department
  • Sign Language Department
  • Psychology
  • Music
  • Education
  • Campus Resources

    At Tennessee Temple University, students will find a variety of resources available to not only to them but to faculty, staff, parents, visitors and alumni as well. TTC is much more than just an institution of higher learning; it is a community of friendly individuals that are committed to helping each and every student.

    In order to serve students better, Tennessee Temple University provides services such as a well stocked campus library, Information Technology (IT) support, post office and dinning hall.


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    TTU’s Office of Admissions will consider prospective students for admission after their file is complete. TTU does not discriminate applicants on the basis of their race, ethnicity, color, nationality, gender, handicap or age in administering its learning policies and institution sponsored programs.

  • Prospective students should fill out the online application – which is available on the school’s website – or simply download the application form and mail it in. The applicants are also required to submit their high school transcript. Applicants should request to have their official high school transcript sent to Tennessee Temple University.
  • Important Note Transcript must include the applicant’s class rank and CGPA. On a 4.00 scale, applicants CGPA must be a minimum of 2.00. Applicants who have completed the GED exam should submit an authorized transcript of the exam scores along with any high school transcript.

  • Applicants should submit SAT or ACT score. The SAT or ACT test should be taken before the semester the applicant will be accepted into the school. The SAT or ACT test should be taken on a nationwide testing date at a nationwide testing site. Applicants must have a composite score of at least 17 on the ACT test or a minimum of 1210 on the SAT test. Applicants who score below 19 in the ACT test in mathematics or English, or scores below 440 in the SAT verbal or mathematics test will be enrolled in the right English and or math courses.
  • Applicants can obtain testing information, dates and location online or by simply contacting www.collegeboard.org or www.act.org. Applicants should allow a minimum of 7 weeks for the test scores to reach the TTU’s Office of Admissions. TTU school code for the SAT I is 1818 and is 4013 for the ACT test.

    Please note – Transfer students, re-admit students, home-schooled applicants, dual enrollment applicants and international applicants will all need to follow a different application process. More information is available on TTU’s website.

    Financial Aid

    The Tennessee Temple University management team realizes that financing a college education is not the easiest task in the world. Not only do they strive to keep the expenses of acquiring top quality education low, they also offer a simplified process of acquiring financial aid by offering students a variety of resources to assist them such as work, loans, scholarships and grants. Below is the Tennessee Temple University’s financial aid application process for both new and returning students:

  • Students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. TTU’s FAFSA code is 003524
  • Students will also need to submit the Tennessee Temple University financial aid application online
  • Financial aid applicants are required to sign and return their financial aid award letter as soon as they have received it
  • Students who need payment plans can take advantage of TTU’s Tuition Management Services. The great thing about this payment plan is that it is interest-free! Students who want to set up a nine, ten or eleven month payment plan should log on to www.afford.com/tntemple.

    Student Financial Aid Details

    Ranks 3611th for the average student loan amount.
    Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in Tennessee.


    Tennessee Temple University offers on campus housing, the female students live in DeMoss Hall and the male students are housed in Lennon and Wagner-Alumni dormitories. On-campus accommodation is available to unmarried students.

    The school cafeteria is open from the hours of 7:15am to 7:00pm on weekdays and serves 2 meals on Saturday and 3 meals on Sunday. There are lots of fun places to hang out or spend time with friends on campus such as the coffee shop. Students who love to read will really love to spend time in the “Cierpke Memorial Library”. This library contains over thousands of books, a really large research department and a study area that is nice and quiet. Tennessee Temple University offers a wireless computer network as well.

    A strong and vital part of life in Tennessee Temple University campus is spiritual enrichment; chapel is held two times each week and every student MUST attend. On Monday nights, prayer meetings are conducted in the halls of residence. Activities on campus include an annual Missions conference, Homecoming formal, and a variety of student-led outings and trips.

    Attending church services is perceived as an important part of any student’s development. Every student advised to connect with a local house of worship and attend services devotedly. All new students are required – for the first one year – to attend services at Highland Park Baptist Church.

    The school management expect all students to abide by the rules in the school’s handbook. The Curfew at TTU is strict and should not be flouted. From Saturdays – Thursdays, the curfew is set at 12:30am and on Fridays; the curfew is set at 1:00am.

    Student Enrollment Demographics

    Student Graduation Demographics


    Athletics at Tennessee Temple University include men’s basketball, women’s basketball, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, men’s cross country, women’s cross country, women’s softball, women’s volleyball, men’s baseball, men’s wrestling – TTU’s mascot is known as the “Crusaders”. The Crusaders are a part of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA).

    TTU is also proud to be winners of district, regional and national championship title in sports such as volleyball, basketball and baseball. Yes, men and women intramural sports are also available at TTU


  • Dallas Willard – University lecturer at USC (University of Southern California)
  • Kevin Malone – Los Angeles Dodgers’ ex general manager
  • Jerry Falwell – Thomas Road Baptist Church’s senior pastor and Liberty University’s founder/chancellor
  • Dr. Jimmy DeYoung – Journalist and prophecy teacher. Former VP & general manager of WNYM, New York City’s foremost Christian radio broadcasting station. Founder of a radio ministry that gets to stations internationally, known as Prophesy Today and Jimmy De Young Ministries.
  • Additional School Information

    Students who are worried about eating school cafeteria food would be glad to know that Tennessee Temple University school cafeteria is not like many school cafeterias that have a reputation of serving bad food! The Tennessee Temple University cafeteria/dining hall is run by a top notch catering company. Since 1973, this particular professional catering service has specialized in contract meals all through the country’s Christian University campuses. Their main goal is to provide not only students, but staff and visitors with best quality food at an affordable price.


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