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Students who are searching for an institution that works to encourage a fresh type of education should consider attending Vatterott Career College-Memphis. Vatterott is a unit of the Vatterott Educational Centers, Inc. a college that is dedicated to promoting a fresh type of learning. This is training that all of their students can use in order to change the direction of their lives.

Whether a student plans to become an Information Technology expert or takes his or her place in business operations, register for a diesel mechanics course or simply earns a certificate in paralegal studies, Vatterott Educational Centers, Inc. is fully dedicated to helping students prepare for a new career path.


The Vatterott Career College-Memphis occupies 35,000 square feet of space dedicated to laboratory areas, lecture rooms and shop areas. The facility also contains industry related tools and computers required for demonstration and training.

Students in Medical and Computer Technology programs are provided with up to date computers, software, printing machines and every other essential equipment to make their learning a whole lot easier. Students in the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and Heating programs are provided with air conditioning units, wiring projects and supplies, PLC trainers, furnaces, refrigeration equipment and other course related tools.

Students in the Medical Assistant Program are provided with state of the art equipment and supplies employed in the medical field. Students in the Cosmetology program are provided with world class training resources and the institution’s library resources are available to every student even beyond class hours.

30 students is the maximum class size at Vatterott Career College-Memphis. The institution’s enrollment capacity for each session is three hundred (300). The theory class sizes are limited to 30:1 student per lecturer ratio and the institution’s laboratories are also specially designed to be limited to a 20: 1 ratio.

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission approved Vatterott Career College-Memphis for operation as a postsecondary educational school.

Programs Offered

Vatterott Career College-Memphis offers students the opportunity to earn diploma certificates and associate degrees.

Diploma Programs The following are the diploma programs offered at Vatterott Career College-Memphis:

  • Cosmetology: The students who complete the cosmetology program will get the top notch education and instruction that they will need in order to prepare them to sit for the State Board Examination. Graduates who are successful and receive their professional license in cosmetology will be able to perform standard cosmetology services in any beauty parlour/salon. Students enrolled in the Vatterott Career-Memphis’ Cosmetology program will learn the necessary skills and the theory of the following: iron curling, hair coloring, hair dressing, manicuring, hair cutting and business. The study of hair chemistry and hair structure is also part of the curriculum – this way, students will learn about the various types of chemicals employed in cosmetology.
  • Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic: The main objective of this particular program is to prepare graduates with not just the theory but also the working knowledge of refrigeration, heating & air conditioning so as to fill an entry-level position in the field as service and maintenance technicians.
  • Information Systems Security:This course is designed to teach experts in the field of information systems security. This course addresses very common security needs these days and centers on issues concerning business security. Upon completion of this course, students will be well prepared for the CISSP & Security+ certifications.
  • Medical Assistant: The course is specially designed in order to prepare students for entry-level positions as medical assistants who perform the following tasks: front office responsibilities, laboratory techniques and medical procedures. All Medical Assistant program Graduates of Vatterott Career College-Memphis are qualified for certification by AMT (American Medical Technologist) as registered medical assistants after they have sat for and passed the AMT test. Graduates can also receive certification by the NCCT (National Center for Competency Testing) as certified medical assistants, after they have sat for and passed the NCCT test.
  • Associate of Occupational Studies Programs

  • Computer Systems & Network Technology: This course is designed in order to meet the growing demand for well trained computer service technicians. Graduates of this course will conveniently be able to fill any entry-level positions in the filed of information technology and the course will also arm graduates with the knowledge of Microsoft & Novell operating systems and also IP/TCP router configurations.
  • Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology: The main objective of this course is to train graduates with not only the theoretical aspect of heating, air conditioning & refrigeration but to also teach them the working knowledge as well, so that they can secure entry-level positions in the field as service or maintenance technicians.
  • Medical Assistant Specialist: This course is specially designed for medical assistants who perform administrative, clinical and clerical tasks within the healthcare sector. Vatterott Career College-Memphis graduates from the institution’s Medical Assisting program will be trained to have working knowledge of every administrative tasks and that includes book keeping, scheduling, medical billing & coding. Graduates will also be trained to perform clinical tasks such as EKG’s, phlebotomy, x-ray’s and efficiently assist a practice in day to day operations. All graduates of this program are qualified for certification by the AMT (American Medical Technologist) as registered medical assistant after they have sat for and passed the AMT exam. The graduates will also qualify for certification by the NCCT (National Center for Competency Testing) as certified medical assistants after sitting for and passing the NCCT exam.
  • Most Popular Fields of Study


    Interested applicants should make sure that they apply for admission into Vatterott Career College-Memphis early so that they can be accepted for the chosen course of study and commencement date. Every applicant will need to complete a one-on-one interview with the institution’s admission representatives. The interview can be done not only in person but over the telephone as well. The institution encourages the attendance of parent(s) and or significant others, giving them the opportunity to see and also learn about Vatterott Career College-Memphis’ equipment and facilities and to also ask various questions that relate to the college’s curriculum and career goals.

    The institution’s administrators determine whether or not an applicant is actually a strong candidate for the college’s enrollment course through personal interviews – so applicants should make sure that they put their best forward during the personal interview process. Applicant must also possess a high school diploma or GED (General Education Diploma).

    At the time of registration, applicants must complete the following:

  • Application for admission form
  • Enrollment Agreement – this applies to applicants who are below 18 years old, the agreement will have to be signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Make a request for his or her high school transcript or GED transcript (college transcripts should be requested for, where applicable).
  • Fill out and submit financial aid form(s) – for applicants who wish to apply for financial aid.
  • Payment of registration charges
  • Applicants who were homeschooled will need to provide evidence in order to authenticate their credential. In case an applicant’s home school certificate cannot be authenticated by the state authority, then the applicant will simply need to sit for the General Education Diploma and present a copy of the transcript.
  • Please Note: Vatterott Career College-Memphis reserve the right to reject applicants who do not successfully complete or provide the aforementioned items.

    Financial Aid

    Students accepted for admission or who are presently enrolled at any one of Vatterott College’s programs is eligible to apply for financial aid. After an applicant has filled out and submitted all the necessary forms, the institution’s Financial Aid Office will then determine what type of financial aid the applicant is qualified for and then assist him or her in processing the financial aid application.

    Applicants should understand that financial aid is available to those who are eligible. Nevertheless, every student, regardless of payment alternatives or financial support sources, are in the end responsible for the payment of their tools, fees, tuition, books, taxes and tools and all other expenses associated with their learning.

    Students who are recipients of Federal Student Loan will be committed to pay back all or part of the loan they receive whether or not they have completed their education or have gone to work.

    The Federal Student Aid’s primary mission is to make sure that all qualified individuals benefit from federal financial aid for higher learning beyond high school.

    Types of Financial Aid Programs Offered

    The Federal Pell Grant Program: This financial aid program offers grants to recipients who have not earned a bachelor’s degree.

    The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant Program: This financial aid is awarded to recipients from a limited pool of funds that is provided by the federal government every year which offers assistance to particularly financial challenged students.

    The Federal Stafford Student Loan: This particular financial aid enables applicants borrow funds directly from a savings & loan association, bank, United States Dept of Education or credit union.

    The Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Loan Program: This financial aid program is designed to help parents who desire to borrow funds to help pay for the education for their dependent children.

    Veteran’s Education Benefits: This financial aid program via the Veteran’s Administration pays monthly educational allowances to eligible veterans or to the dependents of veterans to assist in paying the tuition and other expenses.

    Government Sponsored/Additional Programs: Vatterott Career College-Memphis also accepts government sponsored programs like Indian Education Bureau, Work Incentive Act, Vocational Rehabilitation, Job Training Partnership Act, the Trade Adjustment Act and the Older American Act.

    Student Financial Aid Details

    Ranks 913th for the average student loan amount.
    Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in Tennessee.


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    Information Summary

    Ranks 80th in Tennessee and 3534th overall
    See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list

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    Campus Crime Statistics

      Incidents per 100 Students
    Aggravated assault 1 0.10
    Murder & Non-Negligent Manslaughter N/A N/A
    Rape N/A N/A
    Robbery N/A N/A
    Arson N/A N/A
    Burglary N/A N/A
    Larceny N/A N/A
    Vehicle theft 1 0.10
    Arrest N/A N/A

    Local Crime Statistics

      Incidents per 100 People
    Aggravated assault 6,738 1.03
    Murder & Non-Negligent Manslaughter 117 0.02
    Forcible Rape 398 0.06
    Robbery 3,083 0.47
    Arson N/A N/A
    Burglary 13,254 2.03
    Larceny 25,667 3.93
    Vehicle theft 3,434 0.53

    Student Enrollment Demographics

    Demographics – Main Campus and Surrounding Areas

    Reported area around or near Memphis, TN 38132
    Surrounding communityLarge city (inside urban area, pop. over 250,000)
    Total Population80 (80 urban / N/A rural)
    Households2 (2.50 people per house)
    Median Household Income$45,500
    Families1 (3.00 people per family)

    Carnegie Foundation Classification

    Associate's — Private For-profit
    Undergraduate PopulationHigher full-time two-year
    EnrollmentExclusively undergraduate two-year
    Size & SettingSmall two-year

    General Characteristics

    Title IV EligibilityParticipates in Title IV federal financial aid programs
    Highest offeringAssociate's degree
    Calendar SystemOther academic year
    Years of college work requiredN/A
    Variable Tuition
    Religious AffiliationN/A
    Congressional District4709

    Special Learning Opportunities

    Distance LearningN/A
    ROTC — Army / Navy / Air Force  —   /   / 
    Study Abroad
    Weekend College
    Teacher Certification

    Student Tuition Costs and Fees

    Ranks 2869th for total cost of attendance
      In District In State Out of State
    Effective as of 2014-09-19
    FT Undergraduate Tuition $11,438 $11,438 $11,438
    FT Undergraduate Required Fees $869 $869 $869
    PT Undergraduate per Credit Hour N/A N/A N/A
    FT Graduate Tuition N/A N/A N/A
    FT Graduate Required Fees N/A N/A N/A
    PT Graduate per Credit Hour N/A N/A N/A
    Total Cost of Attendance — On-Campus $14,832 $14,832 $14,832
    Total Cost of Attendance — Off-Campus w/out Family $24,940 $24,940 $24,940
    Total Cost of Attendance — Off-Campus with Family $19,011 $19,011 $19,011

    Student Tuition Cost History and Trends

    Prior year cost comparison
      In District In State Out of State
    Published Tuition & Fees $10,919 $11,798 $10,919 $11,798 $10,919 $11,798
      Cost (regardless of residency)
    Effective as of 2014-09-19
    Books & Supplies $2,425 $1,582
    On-Campus – Room & Board N/A(N/C)
    On-Campus – Other Expenses N/A(N/C)
    Off-Campus w/out Family – Room & Board $5,572 $5,796
    Off-Campus w/out Family – Other Expenses $3,780 $4,102
    Off-Campus with Family – Room & Board $3,780 $4,102

    Admission Criteria

     = Required,   = Recommended,   = Neither required nor recommended
    Open Admissions
    Secondary School GPA / Rank / Record N/A /  N/A /  N/A
    College Prep. CompletionN/A
    Formal competency demoN/A
    Admission test scoresN/A
    Other testsN/A

    Admission Credits Accepted

    Dual Credit
    Life Experience
    Advanced Placement (AP)

    Student Services

    Remedial Services
    Academic / Career Counseling
    PT Cost-defraying Employment
    Career Placement
    On-Campus Day Care
    Library Facility

    Student Living

    First-time Room / Board Required
    Dorm CapacityN/A
    Meals per WeekN/A
    Room FeeN/A
    Board FeeN/A

    Faculty Compensation / Salaries

    Ranks 3346th for the average full-time faculty salary.
    Effective as of 2014-09-20
    Tenure system N/A
    Average FT Salary $51,111 ($55,465 male / $32,728 female)
    Number of FT Faculty 10 (5 male / 5 female)
    Number of PT Faculty 29
    FT Faculty Ratio 0.3 : 1
    Total Benefits N/A

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    2655 Dividend Drive
    Memphis, TN 38132
    p. 901-761-5730
    w. www.vatterott.edu

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