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Founded in 1890 by Joshua Crittenden Chilton, the University of North Texas has the fourth-largest enrollment among colleges and universities in the state, with over 36,000 students. International students come from more than 136 countries. The large campus encompasses 882 acres, and continues to grow at a regular rate. Recent additions to the campus include a $70 million Business Leadership Building and a football stadium and entertainment complex with a capacity of 30,000 people.

The size of the campus allows UNT to offer a wide range of facilities to students, including their own radio and television stations. The student newspaper, the North Texas Daily, is published 4 days a week throughout the school year and once a week in the summer. For those who wish to travel beyond the boundaries of the campus, the city of Denton has much to offer in terms of restaurants, clubs, bars, entertainment, and job opportunities. Public transportation in Denton is free with a student identification card.


Information Summary

Ranks 20th in Texas and 677th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 84.4
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $24,712
Admission Success rate N/A
ACT / SAT 75%ile scores 26 / 1260
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 26 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 78% / 57%
Enrollment Total (all students) 38,241


UNT offers 97 different bachelor’s degrees, 88 master’s degrees, and 40 doctoral degrees. The school is particularly well known on the national level for their excellence in biology, business, computer science, education, electrical engineering, electronic merchandising, emergency administration and planning, journalism, music, and the visual arts. UNT turns out as many Goldwater Scholars in math, science, and engineering as either Carnegie Mellon University or Princeton. With such a large student body and diverse number of degree options, UNT offers several educational paths that are not offered available at most schools. These include: aviation logistics, criminal justice, entrepreneurship, film, forensic science, rehabilitation studies, and even a computer gaming concentration.

One of the more interesting programs at UNT is the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Science Education Alliance, which allows first year students to engage in scientific research in their area of interest. Another aspect of UNT that draws scientific-minded students is the school’s collection of high-powered microscopes that are capable of both examining nano-particles and conducting atomic scale imaging.

Opportunities to pursue academic knowledge outside of the classroom are many. The university library system contains nearly 6 million catalogued items, plus millions of pages of digitized research and academic works. There are 13 open access computer labs on campus for student use, including one which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students may also borrow laptops from the library.

Most Popular Fields of Study


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Unique Programs

University of Northern Texas is a recognized leader in innovative academic programs in the higher education community. UNT is perhaps best known today for its College of Music, especially its internationally renowned jazz program. The College of Music presents roughly a thousand concerts a year, providing a benefit for students in every department. The department’s One O’Clock Lab Band was nominated for two Grammy Awards for their album Lab 2009. The campus radio station, KNTU (88.1 FM) has a largely jazz format.

Other firsts included the first aging studies program in the United States, the first environmental ethics Ph.D. program, the first business computer information systems program, the first art education Ph.D. program, and first accredited counselling program. Leadership among the student body is nurtured through the Eagle Leadership Programs, which provide classes, workshops, conferences, and individualized services to students.


The admissions standards and procedures at UNT are standard for large universities. Students must apply by the beginning of March for the fall semester or December for the spring semester. All applicants must pay a non-refundable application fee—as of April, 2011, this fee was $60 for U.S. citizens and permanent residents and $75 for international students (exact cost subject to change). Graduates in the top ten percent of their high school class receive automatic admission, although they must also submit a SAT or ACT score. All other applicants are evaluated by a combination of their class standing, test scores, and other application materials. Transfer students must submit their test scores, high school transcripts, and college transcripts. Requirements for international students vary widely depending on circumstance and program applied for—check the UNT website for details.

Financial Aid

Over 70% of students at UNT receive financial aid of some kind. Tuition costs vary depending on credit hours, fees for specific classes, and residency status. There is a scholarship program (Emerald Eagle Scholars) for students from families with an adjusted gross annual income of $40,000 or less.

Prospective students who wish to apply for scholarships should submit their Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before March 1 for the following fall. The Student Money Management Center has counsellors available to help students figure out what to apply for when and how to manage the funds they receive. 16 incoming freshmen a year are awarded Terry Foundation scholarships, which cover tuition, fees, room and board, books, and living expenses for all four years. UNT’s Cooperative Education program provides paid positions in students’ fields of study.


Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 4762nd for the average student loan amount.
Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in Texas.


There are too many student organizations to list (over 300!) Among them are a whopping 37 fraternities and sororities on campus, including those with academic, community service, and professional focuses. If Greek life leaves you cold, however, there are over 300 other student organizations, including 42 academic organizations, for an individual to find his or her place in.

A strong component of student life at UNT is based in the thematic residence halls. All the dormitories at UNT provide internet access, including wireless. They also include community kitchenettes, study rooms, TV lounges, laundry facilities, and gaming equipment for loan to residents. Cafeterias offer vegetarian and vegan options. Many of the 14 dormitories offer what UNT refers to as a “living-learning community”. Here’s a quick look at some of the differences between them:

Bruce Hall is a coed dorm with double rooms and community baths, its own cafeteria, and a music focus, including practice rooms and a concert hall. Many students in the jazz studies program choose to live here.

Clark Hall is a coed dorm with double rooms and suite baths. Many of the students pursuing a profession in the health field live in Clark.

College Inn is a coed dorm with a swimming pool, single and double rooms, and efficiency apartments. College Inn offers year-round accommodations, making it a particularly good choice for foreign students and others who may need summer accommodations.

Crumley Hall is a women’s residence with double rooms and suite baths.

Honors Hall is a coed dorm with semi-private rooms and an academic focus, including a live-in faculty member. Students engaged in Honors College live here.

Kerr Hall is a coed dorm with double rooms and suite baths, its own cafeteria, an art studio, basketball court, and volleyball pit. Most of the students in Kerr Hall are studying in Art & Design; Radio, Television, & Film; Journalism; Business; and Merchandising & Hospitality Management.

Legends Hall is a coed dorm with singles and semi-private rooms with suite bathrooms.

Maple Hall is a coed dorm with double rooms and suite bathrooms. Maple Hall has its own cafeteria. Many students in the Health & Wellness department live here.

McConnell Hall is a coed dorm with double rooms reserved for students enrolled in the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science program, a two-year early college entrance program catering to students entering college after their sophomore year of high school.

Mozart Square is a coed dorm for juniors and seniors with double and semi-private rooms featuring kitchenettes and extended quiet hours.

Santa Fe Square is a coed dorm for juniors and seniors with double rooms, private baths, and kitchenettes. The dorm features extended quiet hours.

Traditions Hall is a coed dorm with mostly single rooms and suite bathrooms. It caters to transfer students in particular.

Victory Hall is a coed dorm with single and double rooms with suite bathrooms, its own cafeteria, and a small movie theatre.

West Hall is a coed dorm with double rooms and community bathrooms as well as its own cafeteria.

Services for students help to bridge the transition from home life to university life. Free and low-cost services for student include free personal counseling, free career counseling, low-cost eye care, free legal advice, free and low-cost medical assessments, free money management counseling, free study skills workshops, and free tutoring. The First-Year Experience orientation program provides mentorship and guidance to students new to UNT.

Student Enrollment Demographics

Student Graduation Demographics


UNT is particularly known for excellence in varsity sports, particularly basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, swimming, diving, golf, tennis, softball, track and field, and cross-country. The men’s basketball team won the Sun Belt 2009-2010 championship and twice qualified for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament twice in recent years. Athletic teams are known as “Mean Green” after 1969 alumnus and famed Pittsburgh Steeler, “Mean” Joe Greene. The school mascot is the eagle.

There are dozens of intramural sports teams for those who would rather play than watch. Organized informal sports include ultimate Frisbee, aikido, fencing, hockey, inline hockey, bowling, wakeboarding, and more. The student recreation center offers a 14,500 square foot weight room, an eight-lane lap pool, a leisure pool, an assortment of ball courts, and an indoor track. Additionally, UNT organizes adventure trips and rents equipment through their Outdoor Pursuits Center.


University of North Texas boasts a distinguished role call of famous alumni. In addition to the aforementioned “Mean” Joe Green, football player Abner Haynes, wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin, and golfer Don January all attended UNT. So did self-help expert Dr. Phil McGraw, Project Runway contestant Shirin Askari, Academy Award nominee Thomas Haden Church, Bill Moyers, and Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Larry McMurtry.

UNT’s focus on music has turned out several notable alumni, as well. Well-known musical alumni include Meat Loaf, Roy Orbison, Grammy Award winner Norah Jones, symphony conductor Eugene Corporon, Pat Boone, and Saturday Night Live Band members Tom “Bones” Malone and “Blue Lou” Marini.


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