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The Southern Highlands of Virginia Appalachian country is where students find themselves attending classes at VHCC, a two-year college known for the breathtaking vistas on campus as well as its commitment to practical education for local residents. Founded in the late-1960s, when it began offering technical classes to a few hundred students, Virginia Highlands Community College has blossomed into a 100-acre plus campus with over 3,000 students and 100 permanent faculty members in classrooms annually.

Students at VHCC can complete the initial two years of a baccalaureate degree or train for a career directly in one of the hands-on programs. In the Liberal Arts Department, students can start working on a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Law, Music, Religion, Psychology and other majors, or just lay down the foundations with a general education before transferring to complete the degree at a 4-year institution. VHCC also offers a number of programs for students who wish to begin the process of becoming a teacher.

In the Business and Information Technology Department, students can work directly to master a trade and begin a career or complete the first half of their bachelor’s degree studies. Students can train in Accounting, Business Administration, Health Information Technology, Web Design, Information Systems Technology and more.

VHCC students can also pursue a career in nursing through the Virginia Appalachia TriCollege program. Combining seminars in the classroom and entry into the real world of nursing, this program is one of the most challenging offered at VHCC. Other popular programs of study at VHCC include the Science and Horticulture Program as well as the Engineering and Industrial Tech course of study.

Accreditation for the associate degree curriculum at VHCC comes from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ Commission on Colleges. In addition, specific programs at VHCC receive individual accreditation, including the Nursing Program (from the Virginia State Board of Nursing), the Radiography Program (from the Joint Review Commission on Radiography Ed) and EMS Tech Curriculum (by the Allied Health Committee on Accreditation).

Most Popular Fields of Study

Information Summary

Ranks 69th in Virginia and 3018th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 50.7
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $5,910
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 18 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 59% / 35%
Enrollment Total (all students) 2,387


The application process for VHCC is simplified extensively, essentially granting acceptance to any student over 18 years of age who can demonstrate completion of the local high school curriculum. Applications can be completed online. If you are opting for one of the Allied Health careers, you will need to fill out further paperwork. Along with these forms, transcripts from your high school (or the GED diploma equivalencies) must be forwarded to VHCC’s Admissions Office. Placement tests will also be on the agenda before students can begin classwork, as these evaluations will determine the best course of study for each student. There are numerous different sessions throughout the year at VHCC, so check the school website for specific deadlines.


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Financial Aid

Students hoping for financial assistance while attending VHCC should begin the process by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Completing this form online will get the process moving along. Students can use the code supplied by the Financial Aid Office at VHCC. Over 70% of VHCC students are receiving assistance in one form or another. In some cases, scholarships and grants can provide the student with money for tuition and expenses that does not need to be paid back. Beyond that, the options include loans for students and their parents, participation in the Work-Study employment program or taking advantage of the tuition payment plan.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 5251st for the average student loan amount.
Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in Virginia.


Students at VHCC have a number of options if they wish to extend their reach beyond the classroom, something recommended for the real college experience. While there is no on campus housing, students can get to know one another through an intramural sport program like flag football, volleyball or basketball. The “Campus Craze Days” bring everyone together in the Campus Commons, allowing students the opportunity to mingle and get to know their classmates outside of the study halls. Of course, formal clubs like the College Democrats, the Christian Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Government and the Horticulture Club are also open to anyone who wishes to explore their interests.

Student Enrollment Demographics


The following sports can be found here:

  • Men’s Intramural and Women’s Intramural Basketball

Local Community

The picturesque area in which VHCC is situated elicits the affection of many students who attend classes here. Whether it is scenic trails or stunning mountain peaks that hold a student’s attention, there will be plenty of opportunities to get to know this incredible area more thoroughly.

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