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A technical college open since the 1940s, Lake Washington Technical College’s focus is to prepare its student body for employment, be it the first time out on the job market or a back-to-school primer in learning new skills for a change in career or adjustments to new technologies at an existing one.

Unlike classroom-based learning, Lake Washington Technical College focuses on on combination of basic education and job-related skills and practices. Over 41 training programs are offered at the school, but the five main areas of instruction and class availability are Information Technology, Business and Science, Arts, Language, and Science, Manufacturing and Transportation Technologies, and Health and Fitness.

In the Business and Service program, students can study and earn an AAS in Accounting, as well as various certificates of proficiency and completion. The same is true for Business Administration Support. A truly incredible array of professions can be learned about at Lake Washington Technical College, including Funeral Services, Horticulture, Cosmetology, and Culinary Arts, with both AAS degrees and certificates of proficiency and completion available in all fields.

The course of study is slightly different for those students taking classes through the Arts, Language, and Science department. The purpose of these courses for students is to provide a strong core in disciplines like biology, fine arts, history, philosophy, sociology, and chemistry. Classes in the Arts, Language, and Science department also include the English as a Second Language program, for those who need assistance with learning English, especially English for the work environment.

One of the most skills-specific areas of study at Lake Washington Technical College is its Manufacturing and Transportation Technologies department, where students can learn a number of highly-technical skills in repairs, maintenance, and electronics, tailored to a number of work environments. Students can earn AAS and Certificates of Proficiency in Auto Collision Repair, Building Plant Maintenance, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technical Work, Motorcycle, Marine, and Power Equipment Service, Welding, and Electronics.

It’s not just the skills of the former technical world, but also the new digital realm, that classes cover at Lake Washington Technical College. The school has a growing dedication to studies in Information Technology, with numerous degrees and certificates available in Architectural Graphics, Computer Security and Network Technology, Multimedia Design and Production, Information Technology Applications, and Engineering Graphics.

Additional courses at Lake Washington Technical College are available for those who are interested in basic education, study skills, parent education, and even a few different programs for high school students, including Running Start, Tech Prep, a Technical Academy, and a GED program.

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Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $5,259
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 21 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) N/A / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 3,670


Applying to attend Lake Washington Technical College is a relatively straightforward process, no matter if you’re enrolling in college for the first time, transferring, or just looking to take a course or two. Students who intend on attending classes full-time need to fill out the school’s application, take an assessment test that places their skill level in English and math, and send a copy of previous transcripts, be they for high school, other college credit completed, or military training. Additional assessment tests may be required for specific technical fields, so it’s best to speak with an admissions official to find out what your potential course of study is looking for.

For those students who are feeling slightly overwhelmed by the applications process or who have additional questions, it’s possible to meet with an adviser or someone in the admissions office and get extra guidance or assistance. Many students who are in need of financial aid go ahead and make the decision to have an in-person meeting to make sure that all steps are being properly completed for the admissions process.


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Financial Aid

Many students attending Lake Washington Technical College receive financial aid to help cover the costs of attending school. The best way to be considered for full funding is to get your application in as early as possible. It is important to fill out the FAFSA to be considered eligible for state or school-related need-based financial aid, so don’t forget to start there.

The best way to find out more about the school’s financial aid options is to attend one of the school’s workshops, which can be scheduled through the Financial Aid Office, located on the Kirkland campus. The school does not offer many specific scholarships, but scholarships earned from outside sources should be immediately reported to Lake Washington Technical College, so they can be applied to your account quickly.

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More than 4,000 students attend Lake Washington Technical College this year. Since most of the school’s classes only span two years, students live off-campus and commute to classes at the main campus, located in Kirkland, or one of the two satellite campuses, in Duvall and Redmond, respectively.

Students at Lake Washington Technical College come from a number of different backgrounds, and are all different ages. The student body is equally split between men and women students, and a number of students are enrolled in courses just to further knowledge, rather than complete a degree or receive a certificate.

Students at Lake Washington Technical College have a number of organizations and clubs to choose from, and a number of campus activities make spending time after-school fun and informative. A popular pastime is the Associated Student Government, with popular clubs including the M-2 Club, Club TRIO, Phi Theta Kappa, and the ADDA Student Club.

A number of practical campus activities provide learning and education, including retraining information sessions, career choice workshops, and various student meetings. Campus barbecues and other special events are also popular.

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While there is no formal school mascot or school colors, students at Lake Washington Technical College do have a few different clubs focused on team sports and individual nature activities, including hiking and climbing.

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