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9500 Collmen Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093

University of California-San Diego School of Medicine

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This school is located on the main campus of the University at La Jolla, making it accessible to a wide variety of educational opportunities. Its scenic location is unique, affording students special opportunities for both educational and cultural advancement.


4-year modern. Program places emphasis upon human disease with aim of expanding scientific knowledge and in the context of social applicability. The curriculum is divided into 2 major components: the core curriculum and the elective programs. Both are pursued concurrently, with the core predominating in the early years and the elective in the latter. Elective programs offer students a set of choices suited to their unique background, ability, and career objectives. Preclinical phase:The first year includes social and behavioral sciences, biostatistics, and an introduction to clinical medicine as well as some introductory and advanced basic science courses. The second year includes anatomy as well as advanced electives. Clinical phase: An extended continuum consisting of rotation through the major clinical specialties and electives (which take up about half of the total time of these 2 years).

Unique Programs

Minority admissions: The school conducts an active recruitment program and offers a summer preparatory program for disadvantaged students who have been accepted. Other degree programs: Combined MD-PhD programs available in a variety of disciplines, including biology, bioengineering, and chemistry. Also available is an MD-MPH program in conjunction with San Diego State University.


It is recommended that students enter medical school after 4 years of undergraduate study; the absolute minimum requirement is attendance for 3 academic years at an approved college of arts and sciences. Students who have attended a foreign school must have completed at least 1 year of undergraduate study at an accredited 4year college or university in the United States prior to application. Applicants are required to have completed the minimum premedical science courses and 1 year of mathematics (only calculus, statistics, or computer scienceisconsidered).Theabilitytoexpressoneselfclearly in both oral and written English is essential.Abroad base of knowledge is advantageous in preparing for the many roles of a physician and may include courses in behavioral sciences, the biology of cells and development, genetics, biochemistry, English, social sciences, or conversational Spanish. Applicants are advised to take the MCAT. Only permanent residents or U.S. citizens will be considered for admission and preference is given to California state residents. Transfer and advanced standing: Transfer students from either foreign or domestic medical schools are not accepted.


Grading is either Pass or Fail, and a narrative of each student’s performance in his/her individual courses is prepared. These narratives are collated yearly and summarized, with a copy of the summary made available to students and their main advisor. Teaching: The school is located on the university campus in La Jolla. The primary teaching hospitals include the Veterans Administration Medical Center, UCSD Medical Center, and Balboa Naval Hospital. Other: Clinical teaching is also done at Mercy Hospital, Sharp Hospital, Children’s Health Center, and the Kaiser Permanente Health Maintenance Organization as well as a wide spectrum of front-line, outpatient clinics, ranging from tiny Indian reservation facilities in east San Diego County, to the Clinica de Campesinos to the south. Library: The Biomedical Library is located on the UCSD medical school campus and houses a large collection of books and journals. Housing: Limited oncampus housing is available.

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