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Yale University School of Medicine

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This medical school was established by a state charter granted to Yale College in 1810. Subsequently, faculty members, local physicians, and other citizens raised funds that resulted in the New Haven Hospital, which served as a place to train medical students. In 1965 the hospital and the university became affiliated. The School of Medicine is a component of the Yale-New Haven Medical Center that also contains the School of Nursing and Yale-New Haven Hospital.


First year: Four-year semimodern. The curriculum emphasizes normal biological form and function, and has been designed to coordinate information from various disciplines. It features a development approach to human behavior as related to health and illness. Anatomy and physiology are taught intensively twothirds of the academic year. The first year includes a medicine, society, and public health series. Students are introduced to the principles and skills in medical interviewing and physical examination. Second year: The emphasis is on the disease process. A special feature is a series of all-day colloquia investigating diseases in an in-depth format. Basic principles of diagnostic radiology and laboratory medicine are included during the first 14 weeks.There are opportunities to enhance skills in history-taking and physical examination. The remaining 18 weeks feature modules in cardiovascular, clinical neuroscience and psychiatry, endocrine, female reproductive, GI/liver, lung/respiratory, musculoskeletal, renal/urinary tract, general oncology, and hematology. The medicine, society, and public health series continues. Third and fourth years: The clinical experience consists of direct patient care. Rotations include internal medicine and 3 subspecialties of surgery. There are clerkships in obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, pediatrics, clinical neuroscience, and primary care.

Unique Programs

Minority admissions: The school receives a substantial number of minority group applications even though it does not have a special recruitment program. Other degree programs: Combined degree programs are available for an MD-PhD in a variety of disciplines including anthropology, biology, chemistry, economics, engineering, genetics, biophysics, and psychology. MD-MBA, MD-MPH, and MD-JD programs are also offered.


Courses in the basic premedical sciences are required. Students demonstrating proficiency in science by AP scores should substitute advanced courses. Transfer and advanced standing: Students studying at other medical schools, domestic or foreign, are not encouraged to apply. In a few cases, students are accepted into second or third year.


It is not the policy of this school to grade its students, and numerical standings are not determined. The performance of the students is carefully evaluated and reported by the faculty.All students must also pass Step 1 and Step 2 of the USMLE as a threshold requirement for graduation. Teaching: The school occupies several city blocks about one-half mile southwest of the University Center. Basic sciences are taught at the Jane Ellen Hope Building, Lander Hall, and Brady Memorial Laboratory. Clinical instruction takes place primarily at Yale-New Haven Hospital (900 beds) and the VA Hospital (513 beds) in West Haven. Library: Yale Medical Library is located in Sterling Hall and contains more than 380,000 volumes, receives 2600 journals, and has more than 90,000 other books of the last 2 centuries. The library is one of the country’s largest medical libraries. Housing: Edward S. Harkness Memorial Hall provides living accommodations for single men and women and married students.

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