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3450 Hamilton Walk Suite 100, Stemmler Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

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The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine was originally known as the College of Philadelphia. Founded in 1765, it was the first medical school established in the United States. It is a private, nondenominational school, located on the Irwin campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The clinical training facilities such as the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are located adjacent to the school.


4-year. First year: Consists of 40 weeks of basic sciences emphasizing normal form and function and an integrated clinical program. Second year: Begins with 6 months of coordinated teaching of pharmacology, pathophysiology, infectious disease, and continuation of the clinical program. This is followed by clinical clerkships. Third and fourth years: Programs consist of a mixture of required and elective courses chosen from over 100 offered which cover all basic and clinical sciences. New programs using seminars and minicourses help the student learn psychosocial and behavioral aspects of medicine, reinforce the student’s knowledge of basic science, and reinforce an attitude favorable to later continuing self-education.


Suggested courses are the basic premedical science courses. It is recommended that in addition to acquiring a foundation in the basic sciences plus mathematics, the student should have appropriate competence in English and communication. Students are encouraged to prepare themselves broadly in the arts, the humanities, and in the social and behavioral sciences. Some preference is given to Pennsylvania students. Transfer and advanced standing: Information is not available.


Each department submits a grade of Honors, Pass, or Fail for a student along with a description of the student’s characteristics. The additional grade of High Pass is used by clinical departments. At the end of 3 academic years, the student’s performance is evaluated and recommendations for postgraduate training are made. Students must obtain total passing scores on Steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE in order to graduate. Teaching: Students receive clinical instruction and experience in the hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center as well as in other hospitals in Philadelphia and its vicinity. The chief source of clinical experience is the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Besides teaching facilities, it houses research institutions and laboratories. Students serve clerkships and preceptorships at the Graduate Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.Aprogram for teaching and training has been established at Philadelphia General Hospital. Teaching privileges at Pennsylvania Hospital are reserved for clerkships in medicine, obstetrics, and surgery and for certain electives. Services at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are used for pediatric and surgical teaching. Students are assigned to the services of medicine and surgery at Presbyterian-University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. In addition, certain elective courses are offered there. Other: Courses, clerkships, and research facilities are offered at several other closely affiliated hospitals in the vicinity and at the Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Building. Library: The library, which is housed in the Johnson Pavilion, contains more than 100,000 volumes and receives more than 2000 periodicals and other publications. Housing:

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