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National Medical Fellowships

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National Medical Fellowships dedicates their organization to working with low-income communities to improve their health and well being. They work with minority physicians, researchers, policy makers, educators, and health care administrators across the United States. They help train medical students working in minority communities to help them understand specific needs that may need to be addressed and make sure they are able to efficiently serve the population. The fellowship has provided a variety of scholarships to minorities involved in the medical field. Their mission is to encourage minorities to involve themselves in the medical field and diversify the field so it reflects the diversity of the nation. They provide grants and scholarships for students in all levels of the medical field so they can complete their education and take advantage of opportunities without dealing with financial setbacks.

The fellowship was founded in 1946 by Franklin C. McLean M.D. Ph.D., a visionary in the medical education field saw first-hand the under representation of minorities in the medical field and sought to make changes regarding how the field is distributed among different ethnicities. He worked with a group of colleagues to form Provident Medical Associates, which later became National Medical Fellowships, Inc. Studies performed by his organizations have shown that minority students studying medicine are more likely to practice medicine in a minority or low income community. His efforts have been able to improve the level of medical care offered in these communities and allow minority students a chance to pursue a career in the field without letting finances hold them back.

Scholarships, Awards and Programs Offered by National Medical Fellowships

The Need-Based Scholarship Program through the National Medical Fellowship is specifically for citizens who are underrepresented in the medical field, specifically African-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Alaskan natives, and Puerto Ricans. Applicants must submit proof of citizenship and be a first or second year medical student at an accredited university along with their application. They must also submit tax forms proving financial need and a current financial aid award letter. The fellowship enforces a strong decision making process to make sure students in need of the most assistance receive it. Awards for this scholarship range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on students’ need and financial stability of the fellowship corporation.

The National Medical Fellowship also offers a variety of Merit-based awards to third and fourth year medical students who have displayed outstanding achievement in their education, community service efforts and leadership skills. They have several awards given according to submissions sent to the fellowship by medical schools who have minority medical students worthy of mention or an award in honor of their dedication and service to the medical field.

The National Medical Fellowship also offers Experience-based fellowship programs for students who are far enough into their education to work as an intern or apprentice for a medical establishment. The fellowship provides these opportunities to minority students in the medical field and places them in low income or underrepresented neighborhoods where they can help patients who are financially incapable of receiving quality health care.

The fellowship also offers an Emergency Scholarship Fund for students in need of serious financial assistance in order to fund the rest of their education. In order to apply and gather information regarding whether or not they qualify for the scholarship, students must contact the financial aid office at their college or university. The financial aid office will work with the fellowship to determine actions that can be done in order to assist the student.

Things To Note About National Medical Fellowships

Those who wish to apply for a scholarship, nominate a student for an award due to their academic achievements or developments, or work in a fellowship program can find an application on the National Medical Fellowships website.

The fellowship devotes their work and funds toward assisting minority students who are under represented in the medical field or who plan to work in areas with low income families.

Contact Information For National Medical Fellowships

National Medical Fellowships
347 Fifth Avenue, Suite 510
New York, NY 10016
Phone: (877) NMF-1DOC
Fax: (212) 483-8897

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