Mercer University School of Medicine


This school, founded in 1982, has the special mission of training physicians whose service will help meet the health care needs of rural and other underserved areas of Georgia. Located in Macon, in the heart of central Georgia, it is within driving distance of both Atlanta and Savannah.


4-year problem-based. A 4-program educational scheme is used to train physicians for service in rural and/or medically underserved areas of Georgia. Program 1 (Biomedical Problems): During this 74-week program groups of 6 to 7 students work with faculty in a tutorial setting to study the basic medical and behavioral science concepts that underlie medical problems. The array and the sequence of problems are chosen to ensure that students acquire the basic medical and behavioral science knowledge requisite to medical practice. Program 2 (Clinical Skills and Community Office Practice): This occurs throughout the first 2 years during which students learn the skills basic for interaction with patients. Students interview and examine actual and standardized patients and have opportunities to practice their skills in the offices of supervising community physicians. Program 3 (Community Science): This program spans 4 years. Initially, students attend seminars and group discussions on biostatistics, epidemiology, and public health. Each student is assigned to a rural community and makes site visits to learn about medical practice and the health care needs of the area. In the fourth year this culminates in a 4-week community-based primary care clerkship during which the student lives in the community and participates in the practice of the supervising physician. Program 4 (Clerkships-Electives): The third year contains rotations in internal medicine, surgery, ambulatory family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, and psychiatry. During year 4, critical care, substance abuse, and surgery rotations, in addition to 20 weeks of electives, are required.

Unique Programs

Minority admissions: There is a program that involves strong recruiting efforts directed toward traditionally black colleges in Georgia. Other degree programs: Combined programs are not currently available.


The basic premedical science courses are required. Biochemistry is highly recommended.Applicants with rural backgrounds are encouraged to apply. To date, only legal residents of Georgia have been accepted. Selection is based on demonstrated academic achievement and evidence of potential. Applicants are sought who share the school’s mission of seeking to serve the health care needs of rural and other underserved areas of Georgia. The school requires a supplementary application in addition to the AMCAS application, as well as an evaluation from the prehealth advisory committee. Transfer and advanced standing: Transfer students from LCME-accredited medical schools are considered for admission into the junior year.Applicants must be legal residents of Georgia.


A Pass/Fail system is used. Students must pass Steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE for promotion to year 3 and graduation, respectively. Teaching: The basic sciences are taught at the Education Building, and clinical training is offered at the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon and the Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah and regional hospitals. A 40-room ambulatory care unit is also utilized. Library: Acomprehensive medical library is available for student and faculty use. Housing: Apartments are available on campus and within a 15-minute drive of the school.

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