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As one of the most popular nursing schools in the midwest, West Suburban College of Nursing allows students the unique opportunity to focus on learning the basics of their chosen profession in an environment where nursing is first and foremost the focus. Instead of deciding to attend classes elsewhere, at a school where nursing is only one of a number of programs being offered, those who are at West Suburban College of Nursing can rest assured that anyone they talk to is well-informed and passionate about nursing and healthcare. All of the professors are also known for their work outside of the classroom, and the classrooms themselves are often important, interactive environments that look more like the spaces where one will be working after graduation than your usual desk and chairs affair.

The academic program at West Suburban College of Nursing is extensive and well-thought-out, with close to 94 percent of students who attend passing their nursing exams on the first round. As an accredited institution, students can come to West Suburban College of Nursing knowing full well that they are getting the absolute best and most legitimate education possible. Students can earn bachelor’s degrees in Information Management and Health Informatics, as well as BSNs in Resident Nursing that allows for the completion of a bachelor’s degree, too.

Other popular courses of study on campus at West Suburban College of Nursing include a one-year traditional BSN program which goes over everything necessary for someone who previously had no professional experience in the nursing field, and the evening and weekend courses program, where certificates and degrees can be earned in your spare time. This is a hugely popular choice for those members of the student body who are back in school to seek some job security and get started on a more reliable and rewarding career path.

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Total Cost On-Campus Attendance N/A
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Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 12 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) N/A / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 833


.Because West Suburban College of Nursing isn’t like a lot of other schools offering degrees, the methods for admissions are slightly different, just like the methods in the classrooms themselves. Prospective students are encouraged to speak with a college representative, who can also put them in touch with alumni willing to talk about their experiences attending West Suburban College of Nursing. For the most part, however, students who are interested in West Suburban College of Nursing just fill out the application as soon as they can, since applications should be in a semester before you intend on starting classes.

Students looking to earn their BSN through generic or evening/weekend classes must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 with a GPA of 2.75 in Science. Official transcripts from all high schools and colleges must be submitted, along with a two-page essay, a completed application form, and a letter of recommendation from an academic advisor, employer, or other instructor. Those who are planning on enrolling in the BSN for RN program should have the same cumulative and minimum GPA scores, should also submit their official transcripts—from universities or colleges attended—and need to have a copy of their current Illinois RN license, as well as a letter of recommendation from an instructor, academic advisor, or employer.


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Financial Aid

Students attending West Suburban College of Nursing are eligible for Federal and State financial aid, and the college also provides a great deal of assistance through the Financial Aid Office. Here, during regular weekday business hours, students can meet with a counselor who will assist in locating the right grants and loans, help fill out forms, and even recommend community-based scholarships in the need and the merit categories. With college an expensive investment for just about everyone, the Financial Aid Office is a hugely helpful tool in deciding to attend West Suburban College of Nursing.

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Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in Illinois.


Students at West Suburban College of Nursing come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are interested in starting a new career, while others have found nursing as an option right out of high school. The best part of attending West Suburban College of Nursing is the fact that completely contemporary facilities mean that you are ready for the workforce in addition to being ready for your qualifying exams. With extensive counseling and career services on campus, knowing that you will be employed after graduation is often less stressful than at other schools, where such services are not as prevalent.

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