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University of Louisville School of Dentistry

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The University of Louisville was established in 1798. The University of Louisville School of Dentistry was founded in 1887. In addition to the School of Dentistry, other components located in the Health Science Center are the schools of Medicine and Nursing. Graduates of the school enter general practice or continue their education in a dental specialty of interest.


4-year traditional. The basic and clinical sciences are integrated. Patient contact is initiated in the first year. The majority of electives are usually taken in the fourth year. First year: The basic science and preclinical technique courses, clinical experience in diagnosis and clinical observation/assisting, as well as periodontics. Second year: A continuation of the basic science and clinical technique courses. Involvement in patient treatment begins. Third and fourth years: Completion of the advanced basic and clinical courses, extensive clinical patient contact, rotations in pediatric dentistry and oral surgery, and exposure to hospital dentistry. Grading Policy Most grading is by letter grades, but several courses are offered, especially in the clinical program, on a Pass/Fail basis.

Unique Programs

An extensive support system of faculty advising, clinical monitoring, and student tutoring serves the needs of all dental students. Counseling services and assistance in developing study skills are also available.


Applicants must have earned a minimum of 90 semester hours, including 32 credits of science or healthrelated coursework. The basic predental science courses best meet this requirement. Recommended courses that may be selected include biochemistry, physiology, histology, anatomy, English composition, and speech. Each class is composed of approximately 60% Kentucky residents and 40% out-of-state students. Transfer and advanced standing: rare, but considered on an individual basis.


The school occupies a building in the Health Sciences Center located in downtown Louisville. The physical plant and all equipment are the most advanced available including a state-of-the-art simulation clinic. Some off-campus programs are also available.

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