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1501 Kings Highway, P.O. Box 33932
Shreveport, LA 71130

Louisiana State University* School of Medicine in Shreveport

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The Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport was founded in 1966. The medical school facilities are located next to the Louisiana State University Hospital.The permanent medical facilities were occupied in 1975, 2 years after the first MD degrees were awarded by the school. The medical school is part of the Louisana State University Medical Center. This entity is involved in education, research, patient care services, and community outreach activities. The medical center consists of 6 professional schools. In addition to 2 medical schools, there is a dental school, nursing school, school of allied health professions, and graduate school. Health care services are provided to hospitals and medical clinics in Shreveport and New Orleans as well as through dental, nursing, and allied health clinics in these 2 cities and by means of the numerous affiliated hospitals and clinics throughout Louisana. The system therefore is involved in providing acute and primary health care services to insured as well as for indigent and uninsured.


4-year semitraditional. The curriculum is characterized by providing early contact with patients, a firm grounding in the basic sciences, exposure to clinical correlation experiences, and opportunities electives during the first, second, and fourth years, and a program of comprehensive care in each of the 4 years of medical school. First year: Courses include introductory basic sciences plus introductory classes in comprehensive health care, genetics, radiology, psychiatry, and biometry. Second year: Advanced basic sciences with a major course in clinical diagnosis to prepare students for clinical years and neurology, perspectives in medicine II and comprehensive care are also offered. Third and fourth years: Emphasisonsupervisedexperienceinpatientcare,especially in the development of clinical skills. All of the fourth year is electives with opportunities for extramural and intramural work in family practice, other clinical specialties, basic sciences, and research.

Unique Programs

Minority admissions: Recruitment of disadvantaged students is facilitated by visits to Louisiana colleges and communications with other educational institutions. Other degree programs: Combined MD-PhD programs are offered in a variety of disciplines.


Required courses, in addition to the minimum premedical sciences, include English (6 semester hours). MCAT scores within 3 years are also required. Since the number of highly qualified state residents exceeds the number of places available, there are no places available for nonresidents. Selection is determined by academic performance, MCAT scores, the letter of recommendation from the premedical advisory committee, and when granted, the personal interview with the faculty. Transfer and advanced standing: Information not available.


Aletter system is used for coursework and Pass/Fail for electives. Teaching: Louisiana State University Hospital (675 beds) is the principal teaching facility. The ten-story medical school adjoining the University Hospital houses lecture halls and laboratories used for most didactic teaching and basic science research.Aseparate ambulatory care facility is used for a multi-year course in ambulatory and family medicine. Other: Shreveport VA Hospital (450 beds) and E. A. Conway Hospital in nearby Monroe are affiliated with the school. Library: Afullymodernlibraryhousesmorethan90,000volumes and subscribes to more than 1300 periodicals. A local networkofterminalsaccessesseveralnationaldatabases for study and research. Housing: None.

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