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In 1956, The University of New Orleans (UNO) was established through Louisiana Legislature as Louisiana State University in New Orleans. The campus was acquired when the United States Navy left its air station on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain. After some renovations, classes began in September 1958, making LSU-New Orleans the first racially integrated public university in the South. By 1961, the university became an official four-year institution with divisions established in liberal arts, sciences, and business administration.

In 1969, LSU-New Orleans exceeded 10,000 students and became the second largest university in Louisiana. A new name, University of New Orleans, was not introduced until 1974 as it more accurately defined the campus. By 1983, there were five senior colleges: Liberal Arts, Education, Sciences, Business Administration, and Engineering. In addition, there was a Junior College for freshmen, and a Graduate School for student wishing to earn advanced degrees. Today, the campus also houses a School of Urban and Regional Studies, a School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration, a School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, as well as various institutes, divisions, and centers for specialized research.

Although the UNO campus was affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, classes resumed 42 days after the storm. It is now known as a major research university.


Information Summary

Ranks 16th in Louisiana and 944th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 81.0
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $25,223
Admission Success rate N/A
ACT / SAT 75%ile scores 25 / 1260
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 21 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 71% / 50%
Enrollment Total (all students) 8,151


At the University of New Orleans, several colleges offering a wide variety of majors are available for students to explore. Each of the schools is known, in its own right, for its high caliber of research.

College of Business Administration

The UNO College of Business Administration is one of the largest in the Gulf Coast region. The students from the College also make up a fourth of the whole UNO population. Many of the College’s programs have received regional, national, and international recognition for their work. Counselors are readily available to support students as they work through their programs. Alumni from the College are also willing to provide current students with networking opportunities.

College of Education and Human Development

UNO’s College of Education and Human Development offers programs in initial and advanced teacher preparation. In addition, students can also work on their master and doctoral degrees as well. All programs offered are approved by the Louisiana Department of Education, making it easy for students to move right into jobs when they are done with their studies. The College of Education and Human Development has stepped up to assume management of failing public schools in the area, particularly after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. There is a strong partnership formed between the College and Recovery School District as people continue to rebuild New Orleans.

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering at the University of New Orleans provides students with degrees in a variety of programs ranging from civil and environmental engineering to naval architecture and marine engineering. There is an Industry Advisory Council, consisting of local executives who are willing to take their time to support the students and faculty at the College.

College of Liberal Arts

Twenty-four majors in thirteen departments are available for students who are part of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of New Orleans. Students are able to study foreign languages, political science, philosophy, music, and several other subject areas. Master and doctoral degrees can also be earned.

College of Sciences

The College of Sciences at UNO encourages students to participate in innovative research. Students at the College of Sciences strive to study medicine, nursing, dentistry, and other health areas. A very large percentage of students move on to medical school after they receive a solid foundation at UNO.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Students at UNO are able to design an Integrative Learning Plan, which allows them to make connections between disciplines and possibly work with two different UNO colleges to earn their degrees. The student’s program would evolve over time, and participating students have to stay in close contact with their advisors. Multicultural and multidisciplinary perspectives are gained when students work on their Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Most Popular Fields of Study


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The University of New Orleans is a competitive school that accepts applications by July 1 for prospective students wishing to begin in the Fall. The summer deadline is May 1, and the spring semester application is due on November 15. Students who graduate from state-approved high schools have to take the Louisiana Board of Regents Core Curriculum as well as not more than one remedial class. A score of 19 or higher on the ACT and 460 or higher on the SAT for mathematics is required. Likewise, a score of 18 or higher on the ACT and 450 or higher on the SAT for English is required. In addition, students have to have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 and rank in the top 25% of their graduating class.

Sixty percent of UNO students transfer from other institutions. Approximately half of the transfers are of traditional college age. Transfer counselors are readily available to assist students in making their decisions to finish their studies at UNO. Each semester, the University of New Orleans hosts a Transfer Student Orientation for those who want to join the UNO family.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for students from all levels. Students can apply for federal grant and loan support and state grants and loans, as well as local scholarships. The Federal Work Study Program is also available for students, allowing them to make some cash to support their fees, books, and other college needs. Most of the grant and loan programs at UNO are based on need. Students can find assistance in the UNO Financial Aid office if they need help filling out the appropriate forms.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 5509th for the average student loan amount.
Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in Louisiana.


The University of New Orleans campus lies along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, the second largest salt water lake in the United States. This affords students a scenic campus with ample opportunities for walks, bike rides, and picnics. Palm trees line the waterfront, allowing students to find shade when needed. Students are able to stay current and in touch with their family, friends, and the world through cable TV and high-speed internet in their dormitories.

On campus, there are a multitude of student organizations available as well as intramural sports and a state-of-the-art recreational center. Special musical events and movies are presented at the UNO’s jazz venue, the Sandbar.

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership is an on-campus organization that provides opportunities and programs to support leadership and organizational development, cultural and educational programs, entertainment, and volunteer services. UNO believes in promoting both the academic and social aspects of life.

Student Enrollment Demographics

Student Graduation Demographics


As of June 21, 2011, the University of New Orleans was in the process of moving to Division II, NCAA competition. Division II relies on a partial-scholarship model to provide athletics-based financial to students in the form of scholarships, grants, student loans, and employment earnings. According to NCAA rules, UNO will count as both a Division I and Division II until the full transition from Division I to Division II is made. Ten sports are sponsored by UNO, including:

  • Women’s volleyball
  • Women’s cross country
  • Women’s basketball
  • Women’s tennis
  • Women’s golf
  • Men’s cross country
  • Men’s basketball
  • Men’s tennis
  • Men’s golf
  • Men’s baseball

Club and intramural sports are also offered through UNO.


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