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320 Washington Street
Easton, MA 02357-6110
p. 508-565-1000
w. www.stonehill.edu

Stonehill College

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In Easton, Massachusetts, Stonehill College, a school founded by members of the Roman Catholic church, has been serving students since the middle of the twentieth century. The members of the Congregation of Holy Cross, the founders of Stonehill College, are also the founders of a very famous Ivy League school known as Notre Dame.

In the 1930s, the leaders of the seminary in Easton recognized that a new facility needed to be purchased and constructed because enrollment was at an all-time high. These individuals purchased a tract of land that would eventually become the campus of Stonehill College.

Ten years after the land was purchased, the operators of the seminary in Easton were permitted by the government of Massachusetts to commission the seminary as a fully-fledged post-secondary institution. At this time, the board of the seminary built the first structure that would serve as the science building of what became Stonehill College. Only two years after the college first opened, women were allowed to enroll at Stonehill College. A year later, the first graduating class left the college: a total of seventy-three men made up the class.

Today, Stonehill College is a thriving school in Massachusetts with a campus built on nearly four hundred acres. Over two hundred faculty members serve a student body that averages about twenty-four hundred students each year. The liberal arts colleges offers students a wide variety of undergraduate programs, campus activities, and NCAA-participant varsity sports teams.


Stonehill College is a private, four-year post-secondary institution that offers courses in general arts and sciences. Students at Stonehill College have the option of pursuing a Bachelor of Art or a Bachelor of Science degree in over thirty different majors.

Students at Stonehill College are required to take a basic core of general education courses. This core is required of all degrees and majors. After the general education requirement is met, students may begin to take courses that fall under a student’s selected major. Students may also choose to add a minor emphasis to their course of study, study in an international program, enroll in research courses for college credit, or work with a professor to create a program of independent study.

Many students at Stonehill College opt to take advantage of its unique double major programs. These programs pair majors together that will assist the student in gaining a competitive edge in today’s work force. Subjects such as English and a chosen foreign language are often paired together in a double major. Students who complete double majors often do so in as little as four years as many of the courses required for these major pairings overlap with one another.

Most Popular Fields of Study


Over the past decade, Stonehill College has expanded its facilities and is concurrently attempting to expand its student body. The percentage of students who apply and are then accepted has grown consistently over the past decade. Students can fill out an application online via the school’s official webpage or may print out an application and mail it in or fax it to the school’s admissions office. However, students who choose this option may be required to pay an additional processing fee which students who apply online will not have to pay.

The application process requires students to provide examples of their academic history as well as their history of community involvement and extracurricular activities and details regarding their goals and motivation for choosing Stonehill. A student’s application is evaluated holistically, and students with poor academic performance may still be accepted at Stonehill College. Students are advised to submit an official high school transcript as well as standardized test scores such as the SAT or ACT.

After a student applies to Stonehill College, he or she will receive a response generally within one week. Students who are accepted are encouraged to visit the campus immediately to set up an appointment with an academic advisor. The academic advisor will meet with the student to discuss his or her goals and construct a course plan that will help the student meet these goals.

Financial Aid

Students who need financial aid to offset the cost of tuition and other college expenses can visit the Financial Aid office located on the Stonehill College campus. The staff members of this office will assist students as they apply for federal and private student financial aid. Students are required to fill out a FAFSA form. Once this form is submitted and processed, the student will receive more information regarding the financial aid that is available to him or her. Staff members can also give students helpful instruction regarding loan payback and money management.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 2527th for the average student loan amount.
Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in Massachusetts.


The Princeton Review releases a list every year that ranks different colleges according to the attitude of their students. Stonehill College has ranked in the seventh place on the list of the happiest college students in the country. This attitude is a result of the wide variety of opportunities present at Stonehill College for its students.

The Student Government at Stonehill College helps to organize all of the events, clubs and other organizations with which student can become involved. This organization has a five hundred thousand dollar budget each school year and uses this budget wisely to provide the very best for the students at Stonehill College. The “fun fund,” a program at Stonehill College, provides students with a $200 entertainment fund to be used at their discretion.

Community service is greatly emphasized at Stonehill College. Volunteerism is promoted as a value shared by all members of the college. One of the largest organizations on campus, Into the Streets, raises awareness about needy individuals in the immediate community. Over six hundred students volunteer with this program each year to improve public sites in the community.

Student Enrollment Demographics

Student Graduation Demographics


Recreation is a large part of the lifestyle of all Stonehill College students. Students are encouraged to sign up for student-led fitness classes like kickboxing, cycling, and yoga. Students are also free to use the campus fitness center to improve overall well-being.

The Stonehill Skyhawks are the varsity team members of Stonehill College and compete in the NCAA Division II conference. These talented individuals participate in sports such as baseball, basketball, cross country, softball and soccer.


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Information Summary

Ranks 19th in Massachusetts and 230th overall
See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list

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Campus Crime Statistics

  Incidents per 100 Students
Aggravated assault 2 0.08
Murder & Non-Negligent Manslaughter N/A N/A
Rape 3 0.12
Robbery N/A N/A
Arson 1 0.04
Burglary 9 0.36
Larceny N/A N/A
Vehicle theft 1 0.04
Arrest N/A N/A

Local Crime Statistics

  Incidents per 100 People
Aggravated assault 19 0.08
Murder & Non-Negligent Manslaughter N/A N/A
Forcible Rape 1 0.00
Robbery 5 0.02
Arson N/A N/A
Burglary 135 0.58
Larceny 165 0.71
Vehicle theft 16 0.07

Carnegie Foundation Classification

Baccalaureate Colleges — Arts & Sciences
UndergraduateArts & sciences plus professions, some graduate coexistence
GraduateSingle postbaccalaureate (business)
Undergraduate PopulationFull-time four-year, more selective, lower transfer-in
EnrollmentVery high undergraduate
Size & SettingSmall four-year, highly residential

General Characteristics

Title IV EligibilityParticipates in Title IV federal financial aid programs
Highest offeringBachelor's degree
Calendar SystemSemester
Years of college work requiredN/A
Variable Tuition
Religious AffiliationRoman Catholic
Congressional District2504

Special Learning Opportunities

Distance LearningN/A
ROTC — Army / Navy / Air Force  —   /   / 
Study Abroad
Weekend College
Teacher Certification

Student Tuition Costs and Fees

Ranks 207th for total cost of attendance
  In District In State Out of State
Effective as of 2014-09-19
FT Undergraduate Tuition $36,160 $36,160 $36,160
FT Undergraduate Required Fees N/A N/A N/A
PT Undergraduate per Credit Hour $1,205 $1,205 $1,205
FT Graduate Tuition N/A N/A N/A
FT Graduate Required Fees N/A N/A N/A
PT Graduate per Credit Hour N/A N/A N/A
Total Cost of Attendance — On-Campus $52,370 $52,370 $52,370
Total Cost of Attendance — Off-Campus w/out Family $46,698 $46,698 $46,698
Total Cost of Attendance — Off-Campus with Family $40,878 $40,878 $40,878

Student Tuition Cost History and Trends

Prior year cost comparison
  In District In State Out of State
Published Tuition & Fees $33,920 $35,110 $33,920 $35,110 $33,920 $35,110
  Cost (regardless of residency)
Effective as of 2014-09-19
Books & Supplies $586 $893
On-Campus – Room & Board $12,860 $13,310
On-Campus – Other Expenses $822 $1,707
Off-Campus w/out Family – Room & Board $8,300(N/C)
Off-Campus w/out Family – Other Expenses $1,044 $1,310
Off-Campus with Family – Room & Board $3,922 $3,825

Admission Details

Effective as of 2014-09-19
Application Fee RequiredN/A
Undergraduate Application Fee$60
Graduate Application FeeN/A
First Professional Application FeeN/A
Applicants 6,548 (2,788 male / 3,760 female)
Admitted 4,643 (1,888 male / 2,755 female)
Admission rate 71%
First-time Enrollment 610 (248 male / 362 female)
FT Enrollment 610 (248 male / 362 female)
PT Enrollment N/A (N/A male / N/A female)
Total Enrollment2,481

Admission Criteria

 = Required,   = Recommended,   = Neither required nor recommended
Open Admissions
Secondary School GPA / Rank / Record  /   / 
College Prep. Completion
Formal competency demoN/A
Admission test scores
Other testsN/A

Admission Credits Accepted

Dual Credit
Life Experience
Advanced Placement (AP)

Athletics - Association Memberships

Sports / Athletic Conference Memberships NCAA
NCAA Football Conference Northeast 10 Conference
NCAA Basketball Conference Northeast 10 Conference
NCAA Baseball Conference Northeast 10 Conference
NCAA Track & Field Conference Northeast 10 Conference

ACT Test Admission

293rd for 75pctl scores
Applicants submitting ACT results 19%
Verbal scores (25/75 %ile) 0 / 0
Math scores (25/75 %ile) 0 / 0
Cumulative scores (25/75 %ile) 22 / 28

SAT Test Admission

363rd for 75pctl scores
Applicants submitting SAT results 84%
Verbal scores (25/75 %ile) 510 / 610
Math scores (25/75 %ile) 520 / 620
Cumulative scores (25/75 %ile) 1030 / 1230

Student Services

Remedial Services
Academic / Career Counseling
PT Cost-defraying Employment
Career Placement
On-Campus Day Care
Library Facility

Student Living

First-time Room / Board Required
Dorm Capacity2,199
Meals per Week19
Room Fee$8,368
Board Fee$5,342

Student Completion / Graduation Demographics

Total 5 18 19 7 581 8 647
Accounting 3 1 44 1 49
American/United States Studies/Civilization 1 3 1 5
Art History, Criticism and Conservation 2 1 3
Arts, Entertainment,and Media Management, General
Biochemistry 1 9 11
Biology/Biological Sciences, General 1 1 40 43
Business Administration and Management, General 2 19 21
Chemistry, General 8 9
Christian Studies
Computer Science 7 7
Criminology 4 2 34 41
Economics, General 1 15 16
Education, General 1 34 1 36
English Language and Literature, General 1 23 24
Environmental Studies 6 6
Ethnic, Cultural Minority, Gender, and Group Studies, Other
Finance, General 4 20 24
Fine/Studio Arts, General 1 1
Foreign Languages and Literatures, General 1 1
French Language and Literature 2 2
Graphic Design 1 1 13 15
Health/Health Care Administration/Management 2 1 12 1 16
History, General 19 19
Human Services, General
International Business/Trade/Commerce 12 12
International Relations and Affairs 1 1 10 13
Marketing/Marketing Management, General 1 1 37 1 40
Mathematics, General 21 21
Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other 1 1 21 23
Neuroscience 1 2 1 19 24
Philosophy 2 2
Physics, General 1 1
Political Science and Government, General 1 22 24
Political Science and Government, Other 1 1
Psychology, General 2 60 1 63
Public Administration 1 1
Religion/Religious Studies 2 2
Sociology 12 13
Spanish Language and Literature 8 8
Speech Communication and Rhetoric 2 2 1 2 38 1 47
Visual and Performing Arts, General 3 3

Faculty Compensation / Salaries

Ranks 860th for the average full-time faculty salary.
Effective as of 2014-09-20
Tenure system N/A
Average FT Salary $77,417 ($83,872 male / $67,459 female)
Number of FT Faculty 164 (96 male / 68 female)
Number of PT Faculty 261
FT Faculty Ratio 0.6 : 1
Total Benefits $4,930,282

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