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Tufts University School of Medicine

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Tufts University was established in 1850 as the Tufts Institute of Learning. In 1872 the name was changed to Tufts College, and in 1953 it became Tufts University. This reflects transition from the small liberal arts college to a complex multi-campus university. The School of Medicine was established in 1893. Because of the diverse hospitals affiliated with the school, students are provided with clinical experiences that range from inner-city tertiary-level hospitals to rural-based individual preceptorships.


4-year modern. The program emphasizes, problem solving and critical, analytical discussion in small groups and case-based learning. First and second years: Focuses on the biology of cells and molecules followed by a segment dealing with the structure and development of tissues and organs, then the functions of the organs and the organism and its environment.The biology of normal cells, tissues, and organs is presented prior to exposure to the pathological manifestations of these components. The curriculum also covers such topics as nutrition, health care economics, family medicine, ethics, socioeconomics, physician-patient relationship, and history of medicine. The Preclinical Elective Program is designed to encourage students to pursue outside interests and talents as well as to foster meaningful faculty-student relationships. Students can explore opportunities in basic science,clinicalmedicine,orcommunityaspectsofmedicine. In addition, the faculty is able to work more closely with students and to serve as role models, mentors, and informal advisors. Third year: Consists of rotations through the major clinical specialties and an elective period. Fourth year: Consists of a minimum of eight 4week rotations. Five of these 8 must be taken at Tufts-affiliated hospitals; of these, 2 must be ward service rotations and 1 must be the clinical specialties rotation. Beyond these requirements, students are free to schedule approved learning experiences as part of their electiverotationsattheTufts-associatedhospitalsorelsewhere in the United States or abroad.

Unique Programs

Minorityadmissions:Recruitmentofminorityapplicants is directed primarily to the Boston, New England, and New York areas. A preadmission summer program is offered for accepted applicants. Other degree programs: Combined MD-PhD programs are offered in a variety of disciplines including immunology and molecular biology. A combined MD-MPH program is also offered. A combined MD-MBA degree in health management is also offered in collaboration with adjacent schools.


Minimum premedical science courses are required, as is proficiency in written and spoken English. Courses in calculus, statistics, and computers are desirable. There is no preference for state residents. Transfer and advanced standing:Acceptance into the second or third year is possible as places become available.


The system used is Honors/High Pass/Pass/Low Pass/Fail. Passing Steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE is required for graduation. Teaching: The major school structure is the Sackler Center. Clinical teaching facilities are provided by the New England Center Hospital (452 beds) and off campus by St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (385 beds), Bayside Medical Center (950 beds), VA Hospital (769 beds), Lemuel Shattick Hospital (250 beds), and others. Other: Clinical research is carried out in the Ziskind Research Building of New England Medical Center Hospital. Library: The Health Sciences Library houses 92,000 volumes and subscribes to 1400 periodicals. Housing: A residence hall for men and women is located 1 block from the main building.

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