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For those students who have more of an idea where they want the future to take them, St Francis Medical Center-School of Radiologic Technology is the perfect private college to learn a specific skill in a bustling and energetic environment. Since the 1940s, this program has been one of the most interesting methods for training in the field of radiologic technology, eventually partnering with Seton Hall University in the 1990s to become an official university affiliate.

Since training is crucial, especially in the medical field, St Francis Medical Center-School of Radiologic Technology students are fortunate enough to have the advantage of working with some of the most highly qualified surgeons and doctors in all of New Jersey. A quickly growing field, radiologic technology intertwines the importance of having good bedside manner with understanding how to work various forms of equipment that are crucial in the contemporary medical workplace. Because medicine is an evergreen industry, those who are looking for job training that will continue to matter in an uncertain economy will find the course of study at St Francis Medical Center-School of Radiologic Technology to be highly effective in terms of finding a place after graduation in the workforce.

Students attending St Francis Medical Center-School of Radiologic Technology can choose between a two-year hospital-based program with work at the St. Francis Medical Center, a two year’s associate degree program, and even a four-year bachelor program. Students can choose to focus on particular aspects of radiologic technology, from procedures to particular types of equipment. The school is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology.

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Since the program of study is slightly different, admissions requirements are a little bit different at St Francis Medical Center-School of Radiologic Technology, too. Students must have graduated from an accredited high school, or have earned a satisfactory completion of a GED, and must provide proof of either/or. Additionally, students must provide three professional letters of recommendation, an official high school transcript, and must have earned satisfactory marks on specific coursework related to their field of study. This includes college-level Algebra and English Composition, college-level Anatomy and Physiology, and the successful completion of the reading section of the Health Occupations Aptitude Examination. To figure out which of these requirements can be waived, or to schedule a date to take the Health Occupations Aptitude Examination, it is best to talk to a representative from the school.

Students interested in attending the St Francis Medical Center-School of Radiologic Technology must submit their applications between September and December of the year prior to the year they would like to begin their course of study. All applications must come with a $50.00 nonrefundable application fee.

Financial Aid

As an accredited institution, St Francis Medical Center-School of Radiologic Technology can provide financial aid to students. Many students sign up for federal and national loans and grants, while others find scholarships through their community and through the school. The financial aid office can help complete the FAFSA, search locally for scholarships available, and discuss other options to effectively finance one’s college education.

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Located in Trenton, New Jersey, the St Francis Medical Center-School of Radiologic Technology has a contemporary and conveniently located campus that is close to a number of different apartment complexes, as well as dining and entertainment options. Students on campus come from a variety of different backgrounds. Many are nontraditional college students, meaning that they are on their way towards earning a second degree or starting a new career path. Students commute from all over New Jersey, as well as from parts of Pennsylvania, to attend the school. It is conveniently located close to I-95 and 295.

Since the school is connected to the hospital, students get the chance to learn with the equipment that is literally in use in the medical field today. The school is located in the hospital’s C building, with everything from classrooms to laboratories in a single, easy to navigate space.

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Because the focus at St Francis Medical Center-School of Radiologic Technology is very specific career training, there are no athletics to choose from. Students who find themselves with enough time to pursue an extracurricular can seek out community-based leagues instead.

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