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New York University School of Medicine

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New York University, a nondenominational private institution was established in 1831; the School of Medicine was founded in 1841. The Bellevue Hospital Medical College, established in 1861, merged in 1898 with New York University to form the University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, which became NewYork University College of Medicine in 1935.The present name was adopted in 1960. The School of Medicine boasts a host of distinguished alumni including Walter Reed, William Gorgas, Jonas Salk, and Albert Sabin.


4-year traditional. Basic sciences are introduced with interdepartmental correlations. First year: Concerned with the normal pattern of cellular and organ dynamics. An introduction to the physiologic and pathologic basis of human disease is provided that sets the stage for principles of clinical science and psychiatry. Second year: Devoted to general and organ pathology and neurological sciences. Continuation of the introduction to clinical science is correlated closely with studies in special pathology. Advanced basic sciences and principles of physical diagnosis provide the basis for clinical clerkships. Third year: Clinical clerkships in the major areas of medicine. Fourth year: A subinternship in a clinical area of interest for 6 weeks. An elective program of approved research or clinical studies at the school, at another U.S. school, or at a school abroad makes up the balance of the year. In recent years some changes have been introduced into the curriculum. These changes are designed to encourage independent learning by the use of small group seminars, problem-solving exercises, and computer-assisted learning. Critical facts and concepts of scientific principles are acquired in the basic science program.These provide the foundation for clinical training. An honors program and independent research opportunities enhance the basic science program.

Unique Programs

Minority admissions: The school has an active recruitment program. Other degree programs: The school offers the Medical Scientist Training Program for an MD-PhD in all basic science disciplines. Opportunities are enhanced by the Honors Research Program of Independent Study and Masters Scholars Program in areas such as bioethics, public health, and medical informatics.


Requirements include the premedical science courses and 1 year of English. Recommended courses are biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology. Transfer and advanced standing: Not available.


A Pass/Fail system is used in the basic sciences and a letter or number in required clinical sciences. Advancement from 1 year to the next is made by a Faculty Committee that can approve advancement or require the student to repeat. Taking Steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE is optional. Teaching: The School of Medicine is located adjacent to the East River, between 30th and 34th Streets in Manhattan. The preclinical program is carried out in the Medical Science Building. Clinical teaching facilities are provided by the University Hospital (622 beds), Bellevue Hospital (3000 beds), and New York Veterans Hospital (1218 beds). Other: The off-campus Goldwater Memorial Hospital (1250 beds) and the Hospital of Joint Disease are also affiliated. Library: The library houses more than 100,000 volumes and 1600 periodicals. In addition, the Institute of Environmental Medicine at Sterling Forest offers another reference library. Housing: Residence halls on campus provide single rooms or shared apartments for all students.

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