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While some students head off to college to explore an overview of academia, others are more interested in practical knowledge that can immediately take them where they need to go. For those in the Milan, Ohio area who are looking for skills that can be applied immediately toward gaining employment, there is no better option than EHOVE Career Center. A public vocational school that offers a number of different certification programs taught by experienced professionals who also work in their particular areas, the school name is an acronym that stands for Erie Huron Ottawa Vocational Education. These are the various surrounding districts from which students come to get a better education and get prepared for the workforce at the career center.

Since the focus of attending EHOVE is the ability to successfully land a job after school, it is helpful to know that in addition to the various contemporary and informative courses taught on-campus, that there is also a major push for networking within the local community so that students can find themselves employed, often even before courses are officially completed. This makes the decision to invest in one’s education a little bit easier, and also helps with the transition into the working world once courses are over.

Preparing for a career is no longer just about the culinary arts or automotive mechanics, though EHOVE offers those programs as well. It is often about understanding the latest advancements in technology. Through the school’s interactive media tech program, it is possible to learn all about the world of programming and computers, getting one ready not just for any old desk job, but for the opportunity to launch an independent career using tools that are becoming an increasingly crucial part of the workforce.

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Students interested in attending EHOVE should talk to an admissions office counselor if they have any questions or concerns, but those who already know that the school is a good fit can simply pick up and complete an application for admission, along with copies of high school transcripts or GED equivalents. Certain programs at the center might require placement testing, but usually an SAT or ACT score report will work just as well.


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Financial Aid

At EHOVE, there is definitely an understanding that an education can sometimes be a complicated thing to finance. However, figuring out loans and grant eligibility is made simple by the Office of Financial Aid, where well-versed counselors who know the system can ensure that none of the essential forms—FAFSA, grant applications—have mistakes.

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Ranks 5809th for the average student loan amount.
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Held in high regard for its career training, EHOVE also offers students the chance to get to know each other outside of the classroom. With a resource center that provides assistance in finding jobs and getting a little extra help with the curriculum, staying on track while attending classes is not too strenuous. Because so many students are going to school at night and on weekends, there is less of a campus feel than a four-year university or college, but many students do decide to continue and complete their four-year degrees elsewhere. The campus itself offers many spots to study and relax, though it is solely a commuter campus and has no student housing.

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As most students attending the career center are more focused on getting the skills needed to join the workforce, there is less of an emphasis on extracurricular activities on campus, such as sports. However, a number of members of the student body do participate in different athletic pursuits off campus, including community leagues and pickup games of basketball and soccer. Asking around is the best way to learn about the center’s athletic options.

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