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Established in 1842 by the United Methodist Church, Ohio Wesleyan University is located on over two hundred acres near downtown Delaware, Ohio. OWU (pronounced “oh-WOO”), is a liberal arts college that is nationally recognized for its community service efforts. Nearly every student on campus participates in some form of philanthropic activity every year. Students learn in an extremely active manner as the university firmly believes in offering students learning opportunities in real-world settings.

Ohio Wesleyan University appreciates the individuality and diversity of its students and believes that it is this diversity that teaches their students how to work cooperatively and successfully in a global community. OWU offers over a hundred social clubs and organizations and has an active Greek presence on campus that contributes significantly to the organization of community volunteer services and philanthropic activities.

Life at OWU is an interesting, eclectic mix of people and activities that offer students the opportunity to learn in an environment that promotes individuality and teamwork. Students gain functional knowledge that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


Information Summary

Ranks 18th in Ohio and 437th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 87.6
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $61,910
Admission Success rate N/A
SAT 75%ile scores 1250
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 11 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 77% / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 1,561


Ohio Wesleyan University is consistently ranked among the country’s best liberal arts colleges and universities in top publications. They have a policy of turning theory into practice and strive to turn classroom learning into practical experience. Students may earn either a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts or a Bachelor of Music in over ninety majors offered via more than thirty interdisciplinary programs and specialized departments. Students may also choose from a wide array of pre-professional and dual major and triple major programs. Students who have a particular interest that it not addressed specifically by a formal program at OWU may also create their own major.

There are four main departments of study at OWU from which students may choose a program. Following is a description of each department and the programs that they offer.

The Arts

Students may choose courses of study in the departments of Fine Arts, Dance and Music and Theatre. Students in the arts department host several performances per year and have access to such academic and social opportunities as honorary societies, internships and national arts associations. Degrees such as Art History, Applied Music and Theatre Education are available from this department.

The Humanities

Ohio Wesleyan University offers students the opportunity to study about such topics as English, philosophy, foreign languages and religion. Students wishing to choose majors within the humanities may choose to participate in honor societies, local cafes and travel abroad. Many of these courses teach students about other cultures and civilizations and how to thrive personally and professionally in a rapidly shrinking global society.

The Natural Sciences

Students pursuing an education in the natural sciences may choose from such areas as biology, chemistry, zoology and computer science. Ohio Wesleyan University supplies students learning about the sciences with the latest technology and teaches them to improve analytical and critical thinking skills, interpret data and plan new experiments in order to solve real-world issues. Students graduating from these programs are prepared to go forth and succeed in medical school or top graduate schools, or to be successful in professional positions within their industry.

The Social Sciences

Students wishing to pursue careers or graduate study in such areas as psychology, economics, education, law and history will receive a well-rounded education in the social sciences while participating in many different social and educational activities including internships, research symposiums and honor societies. Students get the opportunity to study in practical settings while earning their degrees.

Study Abroad

Ohio Wesleyan University offers students many different opportunities to study both at other U.S. institutions and abroad. Students may gain a global educational experience by studying in hundreds of locations including Athens, Paris, Tokyo, Kenya, Germany, Ireland, Spain and England. The list is extensive and there is even financial aid available for some of the programs. Students interested in studying abroad will first need to be accepted to OWU then apply for the program that they are interested in participating in. Studies are offered for many different lengths of time including summer terms, semesters and full years.

Most Popular Fields of Study


Ohio Wesleyan University
Ohio Wesleyan University

Unique Programs

Ohio Wesleyan University has several unique commodities that set it apart from other institutions. The first is the Perkins Observatory. Completed in 1931, the telescope was the third largest in the world at the time. The sixty-nine inch mirror was moved in 1969 to Arizona because it was much more useful and functional in the clear night air of the desert. It was replaced with a thirty-two inch mirror and astronomers from all over the country come to view the stars at the observatory. The sixty-nine inch mirror made its way home in 1999 and now resides at OWU once again.

Ohio Wesleyan University hosts the annual Sagan National Colloquium. The group meets to discuss matters of international importance and brings together professionals from all over the country. The forum is sponsored by an endowment from Margaret and John Sagan, both of whom were graduates of OWU class of 1948.

The Woltemade Center for Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship provides students with the opportunity to participate in educationally and socially valuable internships and work with faculty members on research projects that are funded via various grants. The center also focuses on providing learning opportunitiesand scholarships to worthy students They also frequently provide expert guest speakers.


Admission to Ohio Wesleyan University begins with submitting one of three available applications. Students may submit either the OWU application available on the school’s website, the Next Stop College Application via the College Board, or by completing the Common Application. Some students prefer the latter because it is accepted by and may be submitted to many different colleges. The application fee is waived for students who apply online. Paper applications are also available by contacting the school, but will require submission of the application fee.

Ohio Wesleyan University requires a high school education that encompassed all the general college-bound courses. The school has minimum requirements for English, social science, foreign language, science and math. This curriculum will be verified when students submit their official high school transcripts. OWU also requires that SAT or ACT scores be sent directly to the college from the testing center. The college requires at least one of the exams, but students choosing to take the ACT should be aware that OWU does not require the writing portion.

In addition to the application, transcripts and test scores, the university also requires a recommendation from a guidance counselor and a personal essay that gives information that the school may not have access to by just reviewing test scores and transcripts. This is the student’s opportunity to let the school know about extracurricular activities or anything that may have impacted school performance. Also, students may choose to submit a recommendation from a teacher.

The application process occurs in two phases. Students who have OWU at the top of their list of colleges but are not positive that they want to attend should apply in the Early Action phase. This is also a good time for students with exemplary grades or outstanding extracurricular careers to apply because merit-based financial aid is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

All application materials for Early Action are due by December 15 of the senior year and notifications of decisions will be sent to the student by January 15. Students who are not accepted during this phase will be re-evaluated during the regular admission cycle and will be notified by April 15. Regular admission deadline is March 1 but students may begin applying as early as November of their senior year. Admission decisions will generally be sent within three weeks after the school receives the completed application packet, but no later than April 15.

Ohio Wesleyan University welcomes transfer students that leave their previous school in good standing. International students and local high school students who would like to attend college and high school concurrently are also encouraged to apply. There are different application requirements for these situations, so students who would like more information should contact the university.

Financial Aid

Students who wish to attend Ohio Wesleyan University but are concerned about the cost should be aware that nearly ninety-five percent of students receive scholarships or grants from the university. The school offers financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, federally subsidized loans, and work programs. The first step to applying for financial aid is actually completing the school application. At this point, students are evaluated for eligibility for merit-based scholarships.

There are both merit-based and need-based scholarships available. In order to determine financial eligibility for need-based scholarships, grants or loans, students will need to complete the Free Application for Financial Aid that is available online. The FAFSA may be completed as early as January of the student’s senior year. Financial information for both the student and the family will be required when completing the application, so applicants should have this information readily available prior to starting the process.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 1943rd for the average student loan amount.
Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in Ohio.


The Battling Bishops participate in NCAA Division III athletics and are in the North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC). Their colors are red and black. OWU offers varsity teams in both men’s and women’s basketball, tennis, swimming, lacrosse, track and field, golf, soccer and cross country. Men may also choose to participate in basketball and football while women have the added choices of softball, volleyball and field hockey.

Soccer tends to be one of the most intently followed sports on campus with their biggest rival being Kenyon College. Many of the teams have experienced considerable success in their division, earning numerous championships for the university. There are several intense rivalries on campus; the most notable ones are between the lacrosse team and Denison University and the field hockey team and Oberlin College.

In addition to the varsity sports that Ohio Wesleyan University offers, there are also several club sports including hockey, rugby, scuba and chess. There are also nearly twenty intramural sports for those students who wish to participate in a team sport that may not be offered in the varsity program.


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