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Drexel University College of Medicine’s approach to medical education is consistent with the school’s two centuries of healthcare history. In 1848, the founders of Hahnemann University (then named the Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania) thought that there were better ways to treat patients than the harsh medical practices of the time. Two years later, the founders of the Medical College of Pennsylvania established the nation’s first medical school for women. In 1993, the Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University consolidated into a single institution — MCP Hahnemann University. Today, the school offers undergraduate and graduate programs in health professions, nursing, public health, medicine, and biomedical graduate studies.


Recognizing that different students have different ways of learning, Drexel’ college of medicine offers a choice between two innovative academic curricula for students’ first years of study. Interdisciplinary Foundations of Medicine (IFM) integrates basic science courses and presents them through clinical symptom-based modules. IFM is faculty driven: students learn in lectures, labs, and small groups. The Program for Integrated Learning (PIL), a problem-based curriculum, is student driven, supervised and facilitated by faculty. Students learn in small groups, labs, and resource sessions by focusing on case studies. Both options focus on professional medical education, preparing students to pursue careers in either a generalist or a specialist discipline. Both stress problem solving, lifelong learning skills, and the coordinated teaching of basic science with clinical medicine. In the third year, students take clinical clerkships, covering six key medical and surgical subjects. Academic, clinical, and professional skills are emphasized and integrated in both inpatient and ambulatory clinical settings. In the fourth year, the “pathway” program lets students gain career experience in a general professional pathway or a discipline-specific pathway of their choice.

The college operates on a pass/fail system. The Educational and Research Building includes state-of-the-art research labs, modern teaching facilities, including two 175-seat auditoriums, a learning resource center, a clinical learning lab, a computer center, and high-tech audiovisual linkages between various locations. Clinical training hospitals include Hahnemann Hospital, MCP Hospital, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, and Graduate Hospital. Affiliate hospitals include Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, Monmouth Medical Center in Monmouth, and Pinnacle Health Hospital in Harrisburg. On campus, the Florence A. Moor Library of Medicine contains more than 37,000 volumes; over 1,050 serial publications are received regularly.

Unique Programs

The school has an active recruitment program to encourage minority admissions. Drexel offers a combined MD-MPH program, and an MDMBA program with the university’s Executive MBA program, and an MD-PhD program with the School of Biomedical Sciences. There is a BA-MD program in partnership with nearby Villanova University and a BA or BS-MD program with Drexel University.


In addition to the basic premedical science courses, one year of English is required. Transfer and advanced standing applicants are considered for the second and third years if openings are available.


The Office of Student Affairs assists students in finding local housing.

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