Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine


Nova University was established in 1964. It is a private school offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The Health Professions Division was created when Nova University joined Southeastern University to become Nova Southeastern University. The College of Osteopathic Medicine is part of this division, which includes colleges of Pharmacy, Optometry, Allied Health, and Medical Sciences. In 1996 the Health Professions Divisions relocated from North Miami Beach to a 220-acre campus in Fort Lauderdale.


4-year. Years 1 and 2: Two years are spent on campus and include the basic sciences and didactic clinical sciences. During this part of their training, students also are introduced to patient evaluation and the technology of medicine, and special emphasis is placed on manipulative medicine. Students receive early clinical teaching with other doctors during their first and second year. Years 3 and 4: Students spend 22 months in clinical training, including teaching rotations in affiliated hospitals and experience in ambulatory care facilities. They then return to campus for a pre-internship seminar, just prior to graduation, in preparation for internship, residency, and board exams. The curriculum emphasizes family medicine, internal medicine, ob/gyn, and pediatrics. A rotation in rural medicine is also required. Affiliated Teaching Hospitals Twenty Florida hospitals and 16 other medical centers serve as teaching hospitals. Housing All students are required to secure their own housing accommodations. The school does have some limited on-campus housing facilities within a 2-block radius of the school.


The basic premedical science courses, plus courses in English composition and literature, a bachelor’s degree, and the MCAT are required. Students are encouraged to take additional courses in behavioral sciences, cultural subjects, and the humanities. The entering class consists of 236 students. The school uses a rolling admissions policy, selecting applicants for admission from those already interviewed. Invitations for interviews are issued after review of the initical AACOMAS and supplementary applications, the evaluation from the student’s college, and from an osteopathic physician. It is essential that the Admissions Office receive a letter of evaluation from a premedical committee and an osteopathic physician on the student’s behalf.

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