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Located right in the heart of New Orleans, the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at New Orleans originally began with the founding of the school of medicine in 1931. Now, the school is the home to 12 centers of excellence, two patient care clinics and five other medical schools, including the school of nursing, the school of dentistry, the school of graduate studies, the school of allied public health professionals and the recently opened school of public health.

In addition to the six schools, the university also offers residency programs for all of its students to receive active field time. Additionally, the school has a large research department covering many fields of study, providing students with the tools and support to help them through the research process.

Also, since Hurricane Katrina was so devastating to the New Orleans area, the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center utilizes an email and text messaging emergency alert system, allowing all students to be quickly notified of any situation.

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Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 13 : 1
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Enrollment Total (all students) 2,809


Considering that the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at New Orleans is comprised of six different schools, it is best to consult the specific school with regards to exact admissions requirements.

Since the school of public health, the school of medicine and the school of dentistry offer graduate programs, high grade point averages, GRE – and sometimes MCAT tests scores – and a baccalaureate degree from a university or college are all traditionally required and submitted in order to apply. The school of nursing offers both undergraduate and graduate programs, and the requirements vary depending on which field of study.


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Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for all schools at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at New Orleans, and the student financial aid office is the administering body for all types of aid, including: loans, grants, scholarships and part-time employment. It is recommended for all interested students to contact the student financial aid office before enrollment or registration into the school.

The priority deadlines for federal financial aid applications are in April for both the fall and summer enrollments and in November for the spring enrollment.

The majority of grants and scholarships are federally funded, such as the Federal Pell Grant and Federal Stafford Loan Program, thus a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filled out and submitted. Additionally, students who do not keep up with satisfactory academic progress guidelines while receiving aid, such as maintaining and meeting certain grade requirements, are subject to have their financial aid discontinued.

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The Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at New Orleans provides two housing facilities for their student body, equipped with comfortable rooms and fitness centers to provide residents with all the necessities. Both facilities are located right next to campus, so long walks or the use of public transportation to attend classes are not necessary.

The school also accommodates many of their commuter students with private parking structures at very reasonable rates.

With regards to academic life, the school provides students with two libraries as well as the option to receive health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana. Student employment opportunities are available as well as special discounts for registered students from such companies as AT&T, Dell and Verizon Wireless.

On the recreational and nightlife side, the city of New Orleans provides numerous activities, bars, restaurants and nightclubs to let students take a break from studying and enjoy a good time out on the town.

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Support organizations and foundations are prevalent at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center at New Orleans, providing both current students and alumni with a wide array of programs. The school of medicine, school of nursing, school of allied health and school of dentistry all have alumni associations, uniting and maintaining relationships between current students, faculty and staff.

At the same time, the school has the Faculty Wives Club, an organization that promotes cultural and social interchange while supporting any special needs from the Health Sciences Center. The club participates in monthly social endeavors, such as lunches and special visits, and consistently donates clothes, blankets and cash to the needy at the Charity Hospital.

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