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The Tulane University School of Medicine was established in 1834 as the Medical College of Louisiana. In 1845 the school became the Medical Department of the University of Louisiana. The school was closed during the Civil War, reopening with the termination of that conflict but struggling financially for survival until 1884 when a local merchant, Paul Tulane, provided funds for what became Tulane University.Amajor multidisciplinary medical center was later established incorporating the School of Medicine, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, the Tulane University Hospital and Clinic, and other units.


4-year semimodern. The curriculum is under continuous evaluation and improvement. It provides the necessary foundation for graduates to be well prepared to enter any field of medicine. An emphasis has been placed upon self-directed learning, integration of basic and clinical sciences, and more active forms of learning. First and second years: Students take the basic sciences courses that form the foundation for clinical application. In the second semester of the first year, and continuing through the second year, students participate in the elective program, which allows each student to supplement the curriculum according to his/her own goals and ambitions.Along with lectures, courses incorporate problem-based learning sessions, small group discussions, laboratories, and clinical correlations. Throughout the first 2 years, the course in Foundations in Medicine provides clinical experience both on campus and in community-based settings. Third year: Consists of 48 weeks devoted to basic core clerkships in the major clinical areas. Students have direct responsibility for the diagnosis and management of clinical problems presented by the patients in the various hospitals affiliated with the medical school. Fourth year: Consists of both required clerkships and electives.

Unique Programs

Minority admissions: The school has an active recruitment program targeted at the southeastern and southwestern parts of the country. A Summer Reinforcement and Enrichment Program is available for minority undergraduate premedical students. Other degree programs: Combined MD-PhD programs are offered in a variety of disciplines. MD-MS and MDMPH programs are also available.


Prerequisite courses are the basic premedical sciences and English. BecauseTulane is a private institution, there are no residency requirements and, thus, large numbers of out-of-state students are accepted. Transfer and advanced standing:Afew students will be accepted into the second and third year classes if space is available.


Grades are Honors/High Pass/Pass/Condition/Fail. Any grade of below Pass constitutes an academic deficiency that must be removed by remedial work and/or examination in order to advance to the succeeding year. Students are required to record a score in Step I of the USMLE. Located in downtown New Orleans, the medical center occupies several full city blocks. While classroom activities are held, for the most part, at 1430 Tulane Avenue, clinical teaching takes place primarily at the Tulane University Hospital and Clinic, Charity Hospital, and the New Orleans Veteran’s Administration Hospital. Other hospitals in New Orleans and beyond provide supplementary teaching facilities. Library: The Rudolph Matas Library houses more than 150,000 volumes, and has subscriptions to all major medical periodicals. Housing: An apartment complex for student housing is located adjacent to the Tulane University Hospital and Clinic.

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1430 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112

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