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Kent State University at Ashtabula is a public Ohio university, which was established in 1958. Today the school offers numerous baccalaureate and degree programs and is perhaps most well known for its nursing program. The Ashtabula campus is situated on the shore of Lake Erie in the town of Ashtabula, Ohio. Those who matriculate at the Kent State University –Ashtabula Campus have their choice of beginning coursework in approximately 300 undergraduate major programs. Students may also complete any of five bachelor degree programs or fifteen associate degree programs at the Ashtabula campus.

Information Summary

Ranks 97th in Ohio and 2617th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 55.7
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $7,034
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 10 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 49% / 33%
Enrollment Total (all students) 2,026


Kent State University at Ashtabula offers numerous programs for students seeking Bachelor’s Degrees, Associate’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees, Health Care Degrees, and various career certifications. Among the various Bachelor’s Degree programs offered at Kent State University at Ashtabula, some of the most popular are the Bachelor of General Studies, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, the Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management, and the Bachelor of Science in Technology. The college also offers certification programs for those pursuing a career in areas such as counting technology, hospitality management, or microcomputer applications. The school maintains an updated comprehensive Undergraduate Catalog of courses on the official website. Kent State is also able to accommodate students who desire only to take particular courses, without pursuing a specific degree or certificate.

Most Popular Fields of Study


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Kent State University at Ashtabula

Unique Programs

Among the numerous unique programs offered at the Kent State University-Ashtabula campus, is a popular new “speed Spanish”. Led by a professor with more than 20 years of teaching experience, this course provides students with a unique method of immersion language learning, while helping to provide the basic tools necessary to become fluent. Those who enroll in “Speed Spanish” will, by the end of the course, have acquired six different tried-and-true formulas for learning Spanish as easily and efficiently as possible. Students will not only practice grammar, and learn vocabulary, but they will also be given the opportunity to practice and enhance their conversation skills.

Another popular program for many students at the Kent State University-Ashtabula Campus is offered by the Online Instruction Center. The relatively new center offers numerous courses for students to choose from; a comprehensive list is available on the school’s official web site. While the exact schedule of courses is subject to change each semester, there are always courses in a variety of subject and discipline areas. Online courses present the perfect opportunity for those students who may have less-flexible work schedules. They are also ideal for non-traditional students, who may have an array of other daily commitments in addition to school work. The Online Instruction Center at Kent State University-Ashtabula provides students with online broadcast lectures, as well as numerous online resources . Without ever leaving home or the office, those who enroll in online courses at Kent State are given the opportunity to learn as if they were physically on campus.


Kent State University at Ashtabula has no admissions deadline for potential matriculates. The school maintains an open-enrollment policy and thus students with a high school diploma or its equivalent are automatically eligible to enroll for coursework. The application for admission to Kent State University at Ashtabula may be downloaded and mailed to the admissions office, completed and submitted online, or requested by mail from the admissions office. For those enrolled in another institution, who are seeking to take classes at Kent State, a guest application is available online at the school’s official website. The Kent State University at Ashtabula Admissions Office maintains a friendly, knowledgeable staff to aid students with any potential questions.

Financial Aid

The Kent State University at Ashtabula admissions office staff offers students at the college the opportunity to attend weekly walk-in sessions or to schedule individual information sessions. At these sessions students may speak with the friendly, expert staff about potential avenues through which they may gain Federal or State Financial Loans or Grants, as well as opportunities for receiving scholarships directly from Kent State University at Ashtabula. Students and potential matriculates may also email any questions to the financial aid office. The office’s weekly office hours are Mondays, 10 am-12 pm, Tuesdays, 3 pm-5 pm, and Thursdays, 11 am-1 pm.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 5413th for the average student loan amount.
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The following sports can be found here:

  • Men’s Intramural, Women’s Intramural, Men’s Club and Women’s Club Basketball
  • Women’s Intramural and Women’s Club Softball
  • Men’s Intramural, Women’s Intramural, Men’s Club and Women’s Club Volleyball

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