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The University of Pittsburgh – Johnstown (UPJ) was founded in 1927 as the first regional campus of the University of Pittsburgh. Since then, it has developed into a comprehensive university with more than 3,000 students, 46 undergraduate majors, 85 student organizations, and a growing alumni base. The 655-acre campus offers a living-learning space that is separate enough and large enough for students to grow, but at only 70 miles from Pittsburgh, the campus is also just an hour and a half’s drive from the middle of the action.


Information Summary

Ranks 66th in Pennsylvania and 743rd overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 83.6
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $28,694
Admission Success rate N/A
ACT / SAT 75%ile scores 26 / 1200
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 18 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 73% / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 2,600


University of Pittsburgh – Johnstown offers 46 undergraduate programs and 3 graduate degrees in a variety of arts, sciences, pre-professional, and artistic subject areas. Students can choose from majors in subjects like economics, pre-law, Earth and space science, and professional writing. Graduate degrees are offered in acute care nursing, family nursing, and social work. There are also three associate degrees in emergency medical services, respiratory care, and surgical technology.

The academic divisions are broken up into the following categories:

  • Education
  • Engineering Technology
  • Humanities
  • Natural Science
  • Nursing and Health Science
  • Social Science

Most departments offer both majors and minors, and the Social Science Division offers majors, minors, and certificates in business and international studies. Students can specialize their degree by combining major and minor programs or pursuing a specific track within a major, as in the pre-medical professions subject area.

RealWorld Action Program

The RealWorld Action Program initiative helps UPJ students prepare to take their skills into the real world through specific individual action plans that strive to maximize opportunities and engagement. With the RealWorld Action Program, students seek career and professional development through career counselng, workshops, networking, and internships; they participate in campus engagement through clubs, activities, and governance groups; they become active in the community through volunteering and service; and they gain awareness about the world through study abroad opportunities and international service projects. This multifaceted program seeks to give students a well-rounded picture of their society, preparing them to use their skills in ways that benefit mankind. Students begin the RealWorld program during their freshman year by joining a subject- or industry-specific RealWorld interest group.

Most Popular Fields of Study


Outside School :: University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown
Outside School :: University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown


UPJ has a competitive application process, so not every applicant is guaranteed a spot in the university. Freshmen applicants should demonstrate good test scores and strong high school grades as well as a well-rounded personality and extracurricular involvement.

Different departments may require that students take a certain number of high-school level classes prior to entry. For example, the Engineering Technology Division requires pre-calculus or trigonometry, plane geometry, and physics, which are not necessarily required for other divisions. Students interested in a particular college track should check their prospective department’s web pages for specific entry information.

Students may be able to earn college credit for AP classes at UPJ. In order to qualify for credit or exemptions, students must earn at least a 3 on any AP test they want to count towards their college transcript. The higher the score, the more classes they may test out of or earn credit for.

Application Process

To begin the admissions process, fill out the Application for Admission on the UPJ Admissions page. Applicants must submit official high school transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, and an application fee. Personal essays and recommendation letters are highly encouraged. Students who have any questions about the application process or UPJ itself can meet with a student tour guide, learn about the campus, or even meet with a member of the Admissions Staff to ask about specific topics or concerns.

Financial Aid

Any student seeking financial aid should begin by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is available online at The FAFSA determines a student’s eligibility for federal aid money of many different types, including grants, loans, work-study programs, and more. The FAFSA is also used as a supplementary material in many third-party scholarship and grant applications.

There are also a number of merit-based, interest-based, and department-based financial aid options available. University of Pittsburgh – Johnstown offers a variety of scholarships to deserving students through the President’s Scholars Program and the Leadership Program. The President’s Scholars Program awards money to academically talented students, while the Leadership Program rewards students who were particularly active in club or community leadership in high school. All incoming freshmen are reviewed automatically for eligibility, so no further paperwork is necessary. Applicants who have won a scholarship will be contacted individually and may renew their scholarship for all four years, as long as they maintain a 3.0 GPA. Students can also seek out third-party scholarships for additional support; guidance in searching for outside funding is available through the Financial Aid Office.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 1584th for the average student loan amount.
Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in Pennsylvania.


One of the easiest ways to get involved in the UPJ campus life is to live on campus. UPJ offers residencies in dormitory, apartment, and townhouse styles to accommodate a wide variety of student needs. Living on campus makes it easy for students to walk to classes, meet friends at dining halls, study at the library or in a computer lounge, or even join an impromptu campus event.

There is also a thriving Greek life on campus. With three sororities and five fraternities, students who are interested in the Greek system are sure to find a group that fits their personality and interests. Fraternities and sororities are often great ways to get involved through intramural teams, social events, and service activities.

Every incoming freshman will be able to find his or her niche among the nearly 100 student clubs and organizations, which range from topics like Habitat for Humanity and the Business Ethics Club to the Pitt-Johnstown Ski Team and Japanese Anime. Creative artists or aspiring talk show hosts may want to get involved in WUPJ Radio or TV, student-run campus outlets that produce news and social information for students’ benefit. Writers and journalists will enjoy participating in Backroads and The Advocate, two on-campus publications.

Student Enrollment Demographics

Student Graduation Demographics


UPJ is an award-winning Division II school with ten varsity teams in the West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Men’s and women’s teams include basketball, soccer, golf, wresting, cross-country, and volleyball.


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