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Obama to Speak at Notre Dame's Commencement Ceremony: A Discredit to Its Catholic Identity? YOU DECIDE

The controversy surrounding President Obama’s scheduled appearance as Notre Dame’s 2009 commencement speaker has people reeling in debate, especially among various Catholic sects. Undoubtedly, two staunch, opposing viewpoints melded together would create such a debacle, but the question I have found to be recurrently raised is where should the moral and ethical line be drawn with regard to Notre Dame’s Catholic context? Does Obama’s participation at the ceremony dictate hypocrisy on the part of Notre Dame for knowingly inviting a policy-proving pro-choicer as speaker though abortion is a binding Catholic issue or is this an extension of “positive engagement,” as expressed by the school’s president, Rev. John Jenkins?

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Ten Year Anniversary of Columbine: Profile of a Campus Killer

Ten years ago yesterday, I remember sitting in my high school psychology class watching the live coverage of what would be known as one of the most violent high school shootings in U.S. history, the Columbine massacre. Its devastation still remains in the hearts of Americans today.

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Distance Learning: The Pros and Cons of Online Universities and Colleges

Distance learning is not a new concept. Since the birth of the United States Postal Service and the more adapt processes of information distribution, distance learning has been implemented and throughout the decades, has evolved in various forms. Today, the most popular form of distance learning is via the Internet. These online course programs have rapidly become a popular piece within the educational topography of today. More and more, institutions are offering these programs and seeing a definite growth in online course enrollment.

However, with the growth of these programs, there seemingly has been limited research on the success or graduation rate as a result of pursuing an online degree, and many factors have been called into question as to the value of online study programs versus the traditional classroom environment.

So what are the measurements? How is an online degree program beneficial, and how can it be a hinderance?

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College Bound: Are You FULLY Prepared?

Attending college is one of the several very important decisions you make in your lifetime, and with any important decision, being prepared is necessary. However, being prepared can mean a variety of different things. It is crucial to look at “preparedness” for college bound students in an in-depth manner: Are you physically prepared? Are you mentally prepared?

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Good Money Management at College: It Matters

Going away to college can be a vehicle for new found freedoms. Thus, accountability is lessened and responsibility is heightened. One important responsibility that should not be taken lightly is money management.

For most students, money is not an easy thing to come by; however, it is extremely easy to spend. The consequences of poor handling can lead to a much rougher financial future. Here are some tips that you might be wise to consider:

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