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Grants and Scholarships: The TEACH Grant

Despite the strings, contingencies, and miles-long paper trail, regarding the cost of college education, grants and scholarships are worth their weight in gold. As the saying goes, “nothing good in life comes easy,” true is it then for getting a scholarship or grant. The first step is knowing where to look.

As we head near the threshold of 2010, hopeful for better times ahead, we can start afresh by uncovering some of the many grant and scholarship offers and opportunities.

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College Where Social Media and the Modern Gym Collide

The last half of the decade, social media has burgeoned into a networking empire, making mail, phone calls, traditional media, and even email practically obsolete. We are now in the Attention Age. Social media rostrums have been significant in turning our “attention” into a commodity by enabling users the ability to share information freely and immediately. As “attention” is commodified over the internet, so comes the variety of information that is spun into social media networks.

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Taking a Semester Off: How to Avoid College Work Ethic Atrophy

Taking a semester off of college is not an uncommon thing for college students. The danger comes when the momentary ease of regular adult life in contrast to what is demanded of you in college settles in and seems so much more fitting that you never go back. When in reality, the illusion of adult life being ‘easy’ is just that—an illusion.

When we aren’t working the muscle of motivation, it is interesting how our initials incentives to finish what we start waste away. I call it work ethic atrophy. I’ve noticed in myself recently that little accountability in things causes me to shrink back in efforts and get by at the last minute with the bare minimum. So don’t be fooled by the lies of laziness. If you choose to take a semester off, make sure you heed the following advice if you want to enter back into college full swing post-sabbatical.

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Public Speaking at College: Develop a Relationship With the Audience

One of the most challenging, yet vital practice in public speaking is developing a relationship with the audience even before you begin your material. If you want to ensure that what you’re communicating will reach not only the ears of your audience but the hearts of your audience, you must give them a reason to be interested.

If you belong to the group of people who are not naturally social and find no ability within yourself to strike up a friendly conversation with a stranger let alone a disinterested bunch of college students, knowing how to develop a relationship with a large group of people may seem impossible. However, there are ways to guide you in this implementation.

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Public Speaking at College: How To Present

Your goal in presenting is to be captivating and not distracting, to appear confident and in control and not meek, nervous or emotional, to develop a relationship with your audience and not discredit yourself and what you are speaking about.

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Public Speaking at College: How To Prepare

College is a time of higher learning, higher expectations, and going against the grain of personal comfort in a classroom setting. I’m referring to the inevitable college in-class presentation. A successful speech is dependent upon how well you can address the following steps of preparation.

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Interview with Adult Swim Intern Dan Bracey

Recently, aspiring television & film professional Dan Bracey took a few minutes to speak with about his internship experience at Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

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American Youth: Generation Discontent

Why is it that the more a society has, the more they become dissatisfied? Why is it that the more they achieve, the greater their aspirations are for increase? How can this generation justify their behavior of discontentedness when they live in total abundance compared to previous generations and the unfortunates of third world countries?

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6 Tips on How to Study Effectively in College

Studying. This word can be such a foreign concept to many students in college who didn’t quite anticipate the workload they would stumble upon.

Unfortunately, their remedy for lack of adequate study is a cram-packed study session in the late hours of the night and a half-conscious appearance in class. Does it work for some? It might. Is it wise? Absolutely, it is not.

Students go to college often forgetting the purpose for why they are there, and they substitute responsibility with reckless fun as a result of their new found freedom. They disregard the establishment of good habits, and as fast as their imprudent actions take them reeling, it all comes crashing headlong to the ground.

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College Professor Relationships: Bad In-Class Behavior

While at college, it is important to strive for healthy relationships, not only with your peers, but with your professors who hold within their grips the power of a grade.

Now, taking into consideration the vast number of professors you will encounter during your college career, the probability that some will be less than pleasant to work with, to appreciate, to be inspired by is great. However, do not let your dislike for some professors justify bad behavior, and also, be aware that professors, human like the rest of us, are just as easily capable of making preconceived notions and judgments about you.

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7 Reasons Why Students Drop Out Of College

No one said that going to college would be easy, and many students find out the hard way. There are many contributing factors that can lead to lack of success. Some are unavoidable; some are, well, just plain irresponsibility. Either way, dropping out of college can count as a substantial loss in the life of a student. Here are some reasons that may contribute to the drop-out motivation:

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Violent crime is on the rise. New reports of deliberately cruel acts bombard the headlines every day, and while street crime is increasing, crime on college campus is also making its way in numbers.

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