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Prepaid College Plans: Are States Breaking Their Promise?

It seems the more I read and the more news I listen to, I feel increasingly defeated in my heart with regard to the many failures (and counting) recently revealed of the American financial system especially in areas relating to college tuition. This week, a disturbing article in the Wall Street Journal described broken promises, monies lost, and the imminent shortfall of prepaid college plans to further chafe the hard-working American citizen.

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The Post-Relationship Friendship: Timing is Everything or Unrealistic At Best?

I once heard that in 99.9% of all female/male friendships, one or the other have more feelings than just plain friendship would require. Whether or not that statistic is entirely accurate, I would say from my own experience, there is a lesson in it if you maintain opposite-sex friendships, which most people do.

Even platonic friendships have their fair share of awkward sexual tension, if not with you, with the other person even if they admit nothing of it. How much harder is it then to justify and maintain a healthy platonic friendship with an ex-partner? Pretty hard.

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Love is in the Air: Valentine's Week at StateUniversity

Its that time of year when eyes shift from the brawn of super bowl madness to the softer side of February’s celebrations…love. For some its that sweet mysterious emotion that sends two people into a sea of ecstasy. For others its a heart-wrenching cavern of confusion, longing, and despair. At college, it can most certainly be both.

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