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Safest College Campuses: College Safety Rankings for 2011

College students shouldn’t have to fear for their lives on campus, and parents shouldn’t have to constantly worry whether or not their children are safe at school. Most college students share the lackadaisical “It’ll never happen to me!” attitude when it comes to violent acts and crimes on campus, even though bad things can happen to good people.

Just as prospective homeowners or renters should learn about a neighborhood’s crime statistics before moving in, students and their families are urged to research college campus safety when applying to schools.

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Party Hearty then Earn Big: America’s Top Party Colleges by Salary Potential

Even though some educators and administrators dislike college rankings with a passion, we’re all guilty of paying attention to those top colleges lists. After all, what better way is there to learn about the cheapest colleges in America, the colleges with the nicest dorms and the colleges with the happiest students?

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Green Colleges: Schools to Begin Improving Energy Efficiency

Environmentally-conscious high school students planning to attend a “green” college after they graduate will be pleased to learn that seven colleges and universities across the country have been selected to take part in a new energy efficiency program announced Friday by President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

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From Combat to College: Veterans Going Back to College Face Non-Traditional Challenges

The Post-9/11 GI Bill and other college grants for veterans are allowing U.S. military veterans to go back to college affordably or completely free easier than ever before.

For some veterans that are now going to college, attending classes with students whose biggest concerns are which party to attend on Friday night and whether or not their term paper will get finished on time is a drastic change from going off to war and living the rigid military lifestyle.

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