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Save Time By Making Time: A Student's Guide to Time Management

As college students hustle from one class to the next, eat, sleep, study, work on assignments, how they manage their time can become a very legitimate factor in academic performance and ultimately, in life. Any kind of poor planning in this regard can lead to very undesired results such as missed assignments, lower test scores, missed classes, little rest, and lots of stress. The importance of good time management habits in one’s daily routine should be key.

There are several aspects to consider: Managing time is a matter of determining a motivational emphasis for what one is doing, enacting an effective method of prioritizing, and addressing the bad habits, i.e., procrastination.

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Find Cheap Airfare For the Holidays: Shop and Compare

Currently in the Midwest, autumn is in the air with daytime temperatures hardly reaching beyond 65 degrees and nighttime temps giving off a low 40’s chill. Even though school hasn’t officially started for some, it feels like Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner, and while the holiday mentality in August is a bit of a hyper-expectation, planning for holiday travel now is completely sensible.

If you are planning to visit family or friends this holiday and even if you haven’t thought that far in advance, let this be a simple reminder that air travel, the most efficient way to visit out of state in a short span of time, isn’t cheap. There are ways, however, to go about finding ticket prices that resonate more with a college student budget.

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Profiles of a Conversational Offender: Understanding Appropriate Social Interaction

As we grow into adulthood, we become more and more fixed upon our habits and idiosyncrasies, especially in conversation. While these “traits” may add to our character, the can also alientate us from people or positions. Many of us live our lives never realizing that the way we communicate in conversation can be the very thing that keeps us from progressing in the workplace, our social and political circles, and academic millieu.

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Fraternities and Sororities: To Join or Not To Join

The college social scene happens at a high degree within its sphere and is well known for its extraordinary power over a body of young adults. Thus, many students seek out ways to become more immersed within the societal populace and for good reason being that socialization at college is practically a requirement for success.

The problem they face, or rather fear, is the “break-through,” the transitionary period where they go from having no friends to having friends. Most often, this period requires some action on their part or pursuance in which they can achieve adequate social existence during their time in school.

At any university or college, there are many ways to become a part of a community of students where friendships and networking can occur; however, despite its drawbacks, the most popular and recommended way is to join a fraternity or sorority, otherwise known as “going Greek.”

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Dreading Your Roommate? Be the Example

For many of us who have experienced the misery of an undesirable roommate, we can can sympathize with the dread a student may have as he enters into college and is paired with this person that will now share an 8X8 square foot room for the next year. The student’s and the roommate’s private life becomes intertwined, sharing in habits that might be a little less than appealing.

One thing to understand when faced with the uncertainty of who your roommate will be is that there are so many different types of people in the world from so many different backgrounds and experiences. Everyone comes from a respective elemental environment which dictates differences. The habits, beliefs, and convictions of people are vastly different on several levels; we need not ever expect that one person will line up to our measurements or standards of fine living. In fact, we may be perceived to be the one with the misguided ideas.

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Anxiety: Our Brain's Biggest Practical Joke


Very soon from now, I will be flying across the continent to California. My flight is round trip and will make one connection both ways. If I do my math correctly, I will have to manage 4 total take-offs and 4 landings, round trip.

Despite the odds and the proverbial “You’re safer in a plane than you are in a car,” my mind instantly reverts to a 5 minute free fall of horror and charred metal.

Now, if that wasn’t enough, thinking about the fact that not only will I have to fly regardless of my fear of crashing, I have no money saved for this trip and no idea how I will get any money from now until the time I leave, I am completely destroyed with angst. My stomach aches. My back aches. I am short tempered, and I have no idea how I am to survive the next few weeks of my life…

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you: ANXIETY

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8 Test Taking Tips: The Essay Exam

Ah, the essay exam: A time to let your writing and learning skills come to light.

Now, it should come as no surprise that the essay exam requires extensive knowledge and preparation prior to the test. In other words, don’t walk into the testing room confident that your cramming session last night will give you enough neuron fuel to push you through the length of the exam.

Organizing and transforming your thoughts on a narrowed topic into an intelligent structure of sinuous words is not something that can be stored in the grey, tofu-like organ that is your brain overnight. It must marinate in your mind over time.

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Essay Exam Key Words and Transitional Terms Reference Tool

As a continuation of my previous post, 8 Test Taking Tips: Essay Exam , I thought it would be helpful to those who will be facing an essay exam in the near future or who shudder at the thought of taking one to create a quick reference tool itemizing key words and transitional terms.

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How to Succeed in College: Survey of Test Taking Strategies

Test taking is undeniably the core component that determines success or failure in a class. Though you may feel confident and enjoy the class’ content, the pressures of taking an exam may be enough to foil any buoyancy you may have in order to ace it.

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4 Test Taking Tips - The Objective Exam

As a college student, are you serious about academics? Are you physically and emotionally preparing yourself for the scholastic responsibility a university requires?

Remember, there are many facets of college that require work, dedication, motivation and focus; however, in this instance, developing your strategy for effective test taking will be the heart of today’s read.

Objective test taking encompasses multiple choice, true-false, and matching type questions. Your ability to read quickly and analyze the question along with using a large portion of your memory skills is crucial. Most often the right answer is given. You must be able to identify it through recogntion.

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How to Succeed In College: Survey of Study Skills

As August meets its end, the new school year meets its beginning. For students who are in the process of beginning their new life at college, I empathize with the difficulty of change and overwhelming uncertainty they may face. However, with higher education, one thing REMAINS certain, one thing WILL ALWAYS be a constant, one thing WILL NEVER change: SUCCESS IS VITAL!

With that said, I exhort to all students:

Now is the time to buckle down and get serious about academics, if you haven’t already.

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