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Finding a Mentor: Going Beyond the Typical Student-Professor Relationship

What would life be like if we had to face difficult times and decisions without any idea of what to do or what to expect? If no one had gone on before us and there was no light to shine upon our paths, how dark and intimidating would life be? Human existence thrives on example and influence. We learn from others’ experiences, and our ambitions can be drawn from the inspiration of those who went on before us, those who are older, who are wiser.

In the same way, college, career, the impending responsibility of adulthood can look unapproachable, and while it is important that you come out of college chalk full of academics with a bright, shiny degree to show for it, its just as important to come out wiser and more savvy on life. Wise words of a mentor play an essential part in how successful you’ll be in college and in life. The hard part is finding someone you trust to lead you in the right direction.

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Campus Dating: How Handle the Awkward Break-Up

I realized as I started writing this blog how much the subject of dating and romance as a reading topic can become trite and cliche, but, nevertheless, I decided NOT to shy away from something that can be a serious hindrance to your time at college—campus break-ups.

Whether the relationship was short-lived, near engagement, or knee-deep in wedding plans, break-ups on campus are especially horrific, owing to the special environment surrounding the split—the campus. There’s no escape of the person. There’s no avoiding hearsay of that person. Like a constantly picked scab, there is never healing.

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A College Education May No Longer Be the Wisest Financial Venture

Growing up, I had a grandmother who would set up her soapbox and proclaim from the ends of the earth “college or bust!” For without a four year degree, we could expect to make a living flipping burgers and live in a life of poverty and shame.

Interestingly enough, a decade later, that same grandmother, who is known for her Wall Street Journal article clippings that seem to gather in piles around the four corners of my house, sent an article entitled “Is a College Education Still Worth the Investment” by Joseph Slife. Observing my brother’s current crisis with student loans and nothing but a low-paying entry-level job to make up the difference, I was intrigued; I have had my misgivings about the college education investment for a while.

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Knight Commission Report Leads Many to Believe College Sports 'Unsustainable'

News outlets all across the country are reporting the recent findings of the Knight Commission report released earlier last week with regard to intercollegiate sports program costs. The alarming results have led many to believe that college sports as we know them, namely college football, may be in extremis, and there is no quick solution in sight.

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