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Infographic: Good Luck Getting a Job with These 10 Degrees

A college degree is no longer a golden ticket to instant career success. Recent statistics show that nine percent of young adults with bachelor’s degrees are without jobs. Earnings potential has always depended heavily on a student’s choice of college major, but the type of degree someone has is also determining whether or not they are able to find a job at all. Unemployment figures vary drastically by industry, as you can see in this entertaining infographic from Best Degree Programs.

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College Graduates Putting Life on Hold to Pay Back Loans

In our society, people have been expected to follow a certain path. Finish high school, go to college, get married, buy a house, start a family. These days, though, more and more young adults are postponing the wedding and the mortgage and the babies in favor of moving back home with Mom and Dad.

The lack of decent-paying job prospects for recent college graduates and the excessive student loan debt that most of them are saddled with has many young Americans putting their lives on hold to make their loan payments.

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Top 10 Worst Job Interview Mistakes

Despite recent optimistic statistics claiming that employers are expected to hire more college graduates in 2012 than last year, the Associated Press reports that half of our country’s young adults with bachelor’s degrees are unemployed or underemployed.

If your resume leads to an in-person interview, consider yourself fortunate but remember that multiple job candidates are most likely being considered for the position. Far too often, job seekers make simple mistakes they could have avoided. Remember the following common interview mistakes as you begin your quest for the perfect job!

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Don’t Let Fear of College Get You Down

Even though going to college can be incredibly exciting, it’s normal to feel nervous. Nearly all college students experienced some kind of anxiety in the beginning! It doesn’t matter if you’re a recent high school graduate who is moving across the country to go to college or you’re an adult in your forties who wants to pursue a new career— you shouldn’t let your fear of college get the best of you.

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Pros and Cons of Going to Community College

NBC’s “Community” may be a current hit, but community colleges have been the butt of jokes for decades because of their open admissions policies and the large number of non-traditional college students in attendance. If you’re considering going to community college but also like the idea of attending a four-year college, here are some things to consider.

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College Tours: How Much Should You Trust Your Tour Guide?

It’s a springtime ritual: college-bound high school students and their parents hit the road and take campus tours in hopes of narrowing down the list of prospective schools before ultimately making the big decision. Online virtual tours are fairly common, but knowing what a campus looks like in person is justifiably important to most people.

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The Woes of the College Wait List

Being turned down for something you really want stinks. Just ask any high school senior who received a rejection letter from his dream college. Learning the bad news definitely hurts, but this year thousands and thousands of students have been placed on college wait lists—which can feel just as excruciating.

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Top 10 Student Dream Colleges 2012

Spring is in the air and acceptance letters have been received, which means that it’s time for college-bound high school seniors to make one of the biggest choices of their lives—where to attend college. Affordability is one of the main things that students and parents take into consideration when making The Decision,but what if cost were no option? Do you have any dream colleges?

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College Majors: Do They Really Matter?

In 2009 President Obama set the goal that the United States should have more college graduates than any other nation in the world by 2020. With that in mind, any type of college degree seems like a big achievement, but some are worth more than others.

Most of us accept the fact that certain careers come with higher salaries than others, but your choice of college major might play a bigger role in your future opportunities than you realize.

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Best College Degrees 2012

Chinese philosopher Confucius said, “If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.” College students often take his ancient advice to heart and major in a subject they enjoy, even though it may not lead to a high-paying job.

Standing up for what you believe in—and studying something you love—is an admirable quality, but certain degrees tend to hold more value than others.

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Job Market for Graduates Improving

Earning your degree this spring? You may have a better chance at landing a job than friends who graduated just a year or two ago. According to international news agency Reuters, hiring is “back in a big way” on many college campuses across the country, a sign that the U.S. job market may be on the road to recovery.

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