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10 Greatest College Football Rivalries

Last Friday was the first official day of autumn, but the 2011-12 college football season is already in full swing. Watching college football on television is a way of life for some football fans, and if you’ve attempted to visit a sports bar or grab a bite to eat at a restaurant with big screen TVs on a Saturday, you’ve probably realized it might take forever to get a table.

It would be tough to list them all, but we’ve compiled 10 of the greatest college football rivalries below.

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How Much Does College Cost … For Real?

Annual lists of the most expensive colleges in the U.S. wreak havoc with parents who have children in high school, but “the rising cost of college” has become such a common term in the news that most of us ignore it.

After all, student loan debt is on the rise, too, which means that there are methods available to help pay for college. Besides, most colleges also offer institutional scholarships and grants to deserving students, drastically lowering the “net price,” which is what a student actually pays to attend college once scholarships, grants and other discounts have been removed from the full price of tuition.

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College Board Reports Low SAT Scores for High School Class of 2011

Considering that President Obama wants to drastically increase the number of Americans with college degrees by 2020, new data released last week by the College Board is rather disappointing.

Just 43 percent of the college-bound high school students that took the standardized exam met the SAT College and Career Readiness benchmark, a tool that was created to gauge “college and career readiness” of groups of students.

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Drug Testing in Schools: Missouri College Requires Drug Tests

Being required to take a drug test for a job is relatively common. A 2011 poll conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management and commissioned by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Association found that over half of all employers conduct drug tests on prospective employees.

Safety in the workplace is the main reason that organizations require a drug test at work, and a Missouri college recently decided that drug testing in schools was a good idea, too—over one thousand incoming students at Linn State Technical College were subjected to mandatory drug tests to “prepare students for the workforce.”

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Colleges, Bottled Water and the Environment: More Schools Ban Bottled Water

Beer and liquor may be the beverages that are wreaking havoc on college campuses, but water is a drink that’s causing quite a stir at the moment. It’s a necessity of life, but somewhere along the line most Americans stopped trusting the water that comes out of their sinks. Some eco-conscious colleges and universities across the country are starting to ban bottled water.

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College Application Asking LGBT Students to Identify Themselves

Bullying remains an unfortunate problem among all age groups, but the current generation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) college students is feeling accepted more than ever before. It’s become relatively common for colleges and universities to provide a variety of on-campus resources for LGBT students, and one college is going as far as asking prospective students to identify their sexual orientation and gender identity on its 2012-13 application.

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