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New Year's Eve: Celebrate Safe!

A time to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another, New Year’s Eve is one of the most social holidays on the calendar. This New Year’s Eve, there’s no excuse not to celebrate safe. Make sure you’re safe and sound for the start of 2013 by following these New Year’s safety tips:

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The Worst Mistakes You Can Make This Semester

The New Year is almost here and the new semester will be starting shortly. Going back to work or school after a long weekend is tough enough for most people; returning after a month or more away can be quite a big adjustment.

Even though you’re well aware that classes are back in session, your internal clock still thinks it’s still vacation time. Remind yourself now that the following scenarios could occur, you’ll help yourself avoid the worst mistakes you can make this semester!

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Easy Ways to Go Green in 2013 while Living on a Student Budget

Organic foods and environmentally-friendly products are generally pricier than their regular counterparts, which can make going green tough—especially for college students with limited budgets—but it’s still possible to do your part while watching your wallet. In fact, many of these suggestions can actually help you save money!

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Helicopter Parents: How Much is Too Much?

Media highlights of helicopter parents with no qualms about calling and emailing their adult children’s professors and bosses have become the butt of jokes, causing plenty of head shakes and tsk-tsks.

A 21-year-old college student from Ohio with parents that did not know when to say when decided that enough was enough—and a judge agreed with her, granting a restraining order against the parents.

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Get Motivated: 12 New Year’s Resolutions for Students

We flip our calendars to a new month 12 times throughout the year, but moving from December to January is the time when most people decide to begin anew.

We’ve compiled 12 New Year’s resolutions that are appropriate for many students. Find a few that you agree with and give it your best shot!

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10 Quick Ways to Save Money for College During Winter Break

If you received any cash in Christmas cards from relatives, resist the urge to blow it all on a new wardrobe or the latest and greatest gadgets. Sock it away for the upcoming semester, and take advantage of these 10 ways to save money for college while you’re home for the holidays…

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Safe Campus: 2012 StateUniversity.com School Safety Rankings

Cost, location, and campus size are three of the biggest factors that come into play when choosing the right college, but school safety is another critical factor that should be considered.

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Fit in Your Jeans: 9 Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Your secret stash of Halloween candy is finally gone and you even survived the family feast on Thanksgiving, but the constant supply of cookies, chocolates, and other carbs during winter break may cause you to crash and burn.

Here are nine suggestions that should help you stay on track this holiday season:

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Decisions, Decisions: How to Choose a College

If you’re in high school and will be applying to colleges within the next year or two, you might be wondering how to pick a college that’s right for you.

While prestige, location, and several other factors will play a role when the time arrives, here are 10 important things to take into consideration:

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8 Ways to Prevent Losing Your Mind over Winter Break

Elementary school teachers urge parents to encourage reading during Christmas vacation, but older students tend to lounge on the couch rather than hit the books. No one is asking you to memorize your chemistry text between semesters, but there are several things you can do to help keep your academic skills up to par.

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StateUniversity.com 2012 College Rankings Released

StateUniversity.com is pleased to announce that its 2012 college rankings have been released. The top 20 colleges and universities for 2012 are as follows:

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No Dogs on Campus? No Problem! Rent One

While you might be able to sneak a fishbowl into your dorm room, pet friendly colleges are far and few between.

One enterprising dog lover who quickly realized that students miss their pets while they are away at school has started a service that allows people to rent a puppy on an hourly basis.

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Don’t Bring Pot Brownies to School: College Prank Leads to Arrests

The idea of smoking pot on campus – legally – has been up for discussion ever since Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana.

Two college students allegedly brought brownies laced with pot to class and offered them to unsuspecting students as well as a professor, who ate them unknowingly.

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To-Do List: 10 Things to Accomplish Before the Spring 2013 Semester

In the midst of the traditional holiday hullabaloo and your much-deserved days of rest and relaxation, it’s in your best interest to slowly start preparing for Spring 2013, which will be here before you know it. Take a pro-active stance and help start the new semester on a good note. Here are 10 things to do as soon as you can:

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16 Christmas Gift Ideas 2012: Presents for Students

The holidays are here! Having trouble thinking of Christmas present ideas for the young adults in your life? Have no fear—here are 16 suggestions to help ensure your favorite student winds up with gifts that won’t be returned or regifted.

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Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas: Shopping on a Student Budget

If you’re a student, you live on a tight budget. Translation? You’re usually broke. The good news is that your friends and family are well aware of this fact and aren’t expecting diamond jewelry or Rolex watches for the holidays this year. We’ve compiled some cheap Christmas gift ideas that will still be appreciated this holiday season. After all, it’s the thought that counts!

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Tying the Knot before Earning the Degree

More teens and twentysomethings hook up than date, but a small number of college students choose to walk down the aisle before they walk across the stage—the graduation stage, that is. Their parents may be horrified and their friends may think they’re crazy, but traditional-aged married undergraduates do exist.

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4 Big Reasons High School Students Should Take Community College Classes

Once limited to only the most ambitious high-achieving students, dual enrollment programs that allow students to take college courses and earn college credit—yes, while they are still in high school—are becoming increasingly common.

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