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More Colleges Sending Freshmen to Study Abroad

The first semester of college is an exciting yet anxiety-ridden time for most incoming freshmen, but some are feeling more stomach butterflies than others—a growing number of colleges and universities are requiring freshmen to study abroad if they wish to attend the school. Students are accepted for admission that is contingent on spending their first semester or year abroad.

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Most High School Students Not Ready for College

College completion rates and the number of degrees awarded in the United States each year have been continually making headlines, and one new study suggests that nearly two-thirds of our country’s college-bound high school graduates are at risk for low success in college and the workforce.

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Back to School Fashion Trends Fall 2012

Back to school shopping lists for college students tend to include dorm room essentials like sheets and laundry supplies, but it’s fun to get new clothes at any age. Free college T-shirts might make up the majority of your wardrobe, but even if you can’t afford to purchase a ton of brand-new clothes—and seriously, who can?—a few new pieces can help give you a whole new look. Here are 5 fun back to school fashion trends for fall 2012.

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15 Highest Paying College Majors 2012

Once the stress of applying to college and deciding where to go to school—and how to pay for it!—has somewhat subsided, students must ask themselves another big question: “What should I major in?” Current unemployment rates are proof that a college degree itself is no longer the golden ticket to success that people once assumed it was. Your likelihood of actually getting a job after graduation can depend drastically on your field of study, and so can your earning potential. Researchers have found that the following 15 majors are linked to careers that paid much more.

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12 Easy Ways to Impress Your College Professors

Regardless of where you’ll be starting school this fall, college is a time of firsts. If you’re moving into a dorm, it’s most likely the first time you’ve lived without your parents for an extended period of time. Even if you’re staying at home and commuting to campus, you’ll still be meeting new professors for the first time. Here are 10 tips for getting on your professors’ good sides:

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Top 10 Unhappiest Jobs in America: Careers to Avoid

We aren’t all lucky enough to be blessed with our dream jobs. High unemployment rates have many people scrambling to find any type of work but some positions are worse than others. Read on to find out the 10 unhappiest jobs in America.

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7 Easy Tips for Dealing with Roommates in College

Dreaming of becoming instant lifelong BFFs with your new college roommate? Hey, it could happen! But you’ve still got to remind yourself that even the closest, most compatible people can get on each other’s nerves from time to time—especially when they’re sharing a cramped dorm room and bathroom.

Whether you despise your new roommate from day one or you get along but have occasional squabbles, these seven tips should come in handy throughout the school year.

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Famous Professors: Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins USC

California’s oldest private research university can soon add yet another glowing attribute to its marketing materials for prospective students—former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is joining the faculty of the University of Southern California.

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Love Bacon? Too Bad … If You Go to This College!

From the chocolate-covered bacon offered at state fairs to the limited-edition bacon sundaes being sold at Burger King this summer, the United States has progressed into a country that is suffering from bacon mania. Bacon is a booming business in this country but students at one small Dallas college have learned that the fatty strips of pork have been banned from campus dining halls.

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New Amazon College Textbook Rental: Save Money in College?

In addition to its Amazon Prime membership program for students, which offers free two-day shipping on most purchases as well as a few other perks like free streaming videos, the world’s largest online retailer is now renting college textbooks.

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University Students Protest Fast Food Chain

Fast food chain Chick-fil-A has been in a hot seat of controversy due to remarks about gay marriage spoken by the company’s president. As expected, backlash from the public ensued and some college students are particularly enraged, as the restaurant has locations on many college campuses.

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5 Fast Facts about Financial Aid

As the media bombards us with reports about the rising cost of college and frightening student loan statistics, parents are starting to wonder if they’ll ever be able to send their kids to college. Even though college prices have gone up, many students are able to pay for school with help from financial aid.

Brush up on your financial aid knowledge with these 5 fast facts:

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9 Common Questions about the Common Application

Soon-to-be high school seniors planning to attend college next fall can now take advantage of the Common Application online. The 2012 Common App for the 2012-13 academic year recently made its much-awaited online debut four hours ahead of its scheduled August 1, 2012 launch. Not sure what the fuss is all about? Read on for helpful answers to some of the most frequent Common App questions.

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