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10 Crazy Things to Do in College

They—whoever they are—always say that college will be the best years of your life. That it’s a great time to “find yourself” or even “reinvent yourself” if you choose to do so. Whatever your personal education goals may be, make sure you cross at least a few of these crazy things to do in college off your to-do list!

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Empty Nest Prep: 5 Things to Discuss Before Your Kids Go Away to College

If you’re a parent whose “baby” is starting college this fall, you’re probably feeling several different emotions all at once! Here are five important things to discuss with your college-bound teen.

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7 Ways to Pay for College without Student Loans

Parents of college-bound teenagers and the students themselves are stressed about the rising costs of college. Figuring out how to pay for college can be difficult, and many people turn to loans. Here are seven alternatives that might come in handy.

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Summer Safety: Quick Tips to Help You Stay Safe

Staying safe and paying attention to your health are big concerns at all times of year, but here are seven things to remember during the warmer months.

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You Can Do It: 7 Ways to Beat Homesickness at College

After the initial excitement wears off, orientation is over, and the semester is in full swing, you will probably get the blues every now and then. When those feelings of homesickness occur, even if it’s only now and then, it may be tempting to call it quits and book the first flight home. Here are eight ways to help beat homesickness at college.

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