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Not Going to College: 6 Common Excuses Debunked

Most of us have realized by now that college isn’t right for everyone. A recent Harvard study claims that the “college for all” mentality does more harm than good.

Even so, many people who would succeed at college and benefit from the experience decide to skip it— due to a long list of excuses they’ve concocted and convinced themselves to believe. Take a look at these common excuses for not going to college before you make any rash decisions.

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Unhappy with Your Score? More Colleges Going SAT Optional

Although it’s still considered the most widely used college admittance exam in the country, the SAT is slipping in popularity and many colleges are going SAT-optional, giving prospective students the choice of whether or not to submit their SAT scores during the admissions process.

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Eliminate Athletic Scholarships, Suggests Ralph Nader

Longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader is in the news yet again. The four-time U.S. presidential candidate believes it’s time for college athletics to undergo an extreme makeover, and he’s more than happy to spread his message.

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College Scholarships for Kids: It’s Never Too Soon to Start Saving!

Some financial experts claim the economy is starting to turn around, but one thing’s for sure: college isn’t getting any cheaper.

In the midst of higher education budget cuts and rapidly rising tuition, more and more cash-strapped parents are dipping into their dwindling retirement accounts, sending their kids to community college over elite private universities, or telling their kids to foot the bill themselves.

Even if your child isn’t yet a teenager, these 10 contests and college scholarships for kids might come in handy. After all, it’s never too soon to start saving for college.

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Attending College Fairs this Spring? 10 Helpful Hints

Most high school seniors are counting down the days til graduation, but high school juniors are also gearing up for their next academic adventure—learning about potential colleges and universities to begin the college application process in the fall.

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College Traditions Cancelled due to High Alcohol Consumption

Recent waves of college crackdowns on events that tend to foster high alcohol consumption have thousands of students changing their plans, reports Inside Higher Ed.

Schools are cancelling decades-old college traditions and also attempting to call off new parties that haven’t even happened yet in hopes of preventing alcohol-related student hospitalizations and violence that often leads to campus property destruction and arrests.

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SAT Reality TV Question: Uproar over Jersey Shore?

After months of preparation and dozens of practice exams, thousands of high school students sat down in front of the real deal on Saturday, March 12, 2011—the dreaded SAT.

The college entrance exam has been a source of teenage anxiety for over a century, but one essay topic in particular has sparked controversy among certain students and their parents: a question about reality TV.

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U.S. Colleges Recalling Students Studying Abroad in Japan

As the U.S. Department of State strongly urges U.S. citizens to postpone travel to Japan and asks those in Japan to consider departing, colleges and universities across the U.S. are advising or requiring students participating in study abroad programs in Japan to return home.

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U.S. News Best Graduate Schools 2012

The U.S. News and World Report Best Graduate Schools rankings for 2012 were released online March 15, 2011. Highlights of the rankings will be available in the 22nd annual print edition of the popular guide for potential graduate students on April 5, 2011 while the most comprehensive version of Best Graduate Schools 2012 will be available online only through the new U.S. News Graduate School Compass.

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Low College Athlete Graduation Rates Causing Concern during March Madness

Earlier this week 65 college teams began competing in the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament, a beloved month-long, billion dollar event known as March Madness. Watching the games at a neighborhood sports bar is enough to show that some fans get so wrapped up in the tournament, they almost forget that the players are still in school.

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Inspirational Advice for College Graduates: Famous Commencement Speakers

Spring is quickly approaching and many colleges have already announced their commencement speakers for 2011. The individuals that are selected to address the degree candidates at graduation ceremonies, college commencement speakers often offer an entertaining mixture of wisdom and advice with a few laughs thrown into the mix. They are typically awarded an honorary doctorate from the school.

From authors and talk show hosts to entrepreneurs and frogs, the following famous commencement speakers made quite an impression. Read on to learn more.

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10 Best Internships for 2011

Landing an awesome internship is a step in the right direction for current college students and recent college graduates hoping to gain full-time employment. Vault.com, a popular career media company that focuses on providing professionals and students with up-to-date employer information and industry news, has just released its 10 best internships for 2011.

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Top 10 Weird College Majors: Strange but True Programs of Study

By now you’ve probably met someone with a degree that made you ask, “What on earth were you thinking?”

CBS Money Watch included child and family studies, elementary education and social work as three of the 20 Worst Paying College Degrees in 2010, but they’re all relatively common fields of study. The 10 weird college majors included in the list below aren’t necessarily low-paying—some are actually far from it—but they’re definitely programs that will make you raise your eyebrows.

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Thinking About Graduate School? Higher Degrees Mean Lower Blood Pressure

Competitive advantages in the workplace and increased earning potential aren’t the only benefits of going to graduate school after earning a bachelor’s degree.

A major Brown University research project has found that advanced education correlates with lower blood pressure, particularly among women.

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Student Coaching Improves College Retention and Graduation Rates

Although enrollments have been rising at both two- and four-year colleges, college graduation rates remain stagnant. More students are starting college and not finishing, raising the question of “What improvements can be made?”

A new study released on March 10, 2011 offers one suggestion: Stanford University researchers found that college students who received executive-style “coaching” during their undergraduate years were more likely to remain in college and graduate than those who did not.

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Marijuana and College Students: Pot Still Banned on Campus

Pot, grass, weed, reefer … whatever you want to call it, marijuana use has surged since the 1990s and recurring research has found that anywhere between 30 and 35% of college students admit to using marijuana at least annually.

Marijuana has been approved for medical use in several states, but colleges and universities in those states are still banning the drug on campus.

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College Students’ Voting Rights Placed on the Table

Young Americans have had a very strong presence in recent elections, but Republican state lawmakers are hoping to end the trend.

Dozens of voting-related bills are being pushed by House Republicans to “bring fairness and restore confidence in a voting system vulnerable to fraud” while Democrats claim that their real goal is to deflate the power of core Democratic voters—namely, young people and minorities.

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Flash Mobs on Campus: Impromptu Seminars Prompt Learning Outside the Classroom

In cities across the world, flash mobs have gathered in public places to sing, dance, freeze in place, even pillow fight, but the University of Virginia has taken a slightly different approach. Students and faculty have started coming together outside the classroom for informal “flash seminars” on exciting and eclectic topics.

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Women More Likely to Earn College Degrees but Wage Gap Remains

Although more women than men are attending college and earning degrees, a considerable wage gap remains between the sexes. According to a new White House report focusing on women in the workplace, women earn an average of 75% as much as their male counterparts.

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More College Graduates Turning to Public Service Jobs

Thanks in part to the troubled economy and job hunting difficulties, a surprising number of recent college graduates have turned toward careers in public service.

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