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The Scholarship Interview: Part Three - Personality

If you are on time for your interview and dressed to perfection, but your personality is insipid and withdrawn, expect NOT to be the winning candidate. Your personality should exude enthusiasm, confidence, respect, knowledge, gratitude, and focus.

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Conceal & Carry Laws on College Campuses

In light of the Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois massacres that occurred over two years ago, the subject of firearms and gun violence is sure to bring about a fury of sentiment from lawmakers, students, parents and administrators alike, especially from those who believe that college students should be allowed to bring concealed firearms on campuses in states where concealed carry is legal.

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The Scholarship Interview: Part Two - Punctuality and Presentation

Now that you are fully prepared in the oratorical portion of your interview, it is time to discuss the importance of 2 key particulars: Punctuality and Presentation.

The moment you walk into the room, without speaking a word, you are being evaluated. Your body language, posture, the way you smell, the way you are dressed, your timeliness can speak a thousand words to the people interviewing you.

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Get a Master's Degree in Social Media: The New Wave of Information Exchange

Some generations have seen famine; some generations have seen flight. This generation is seeing the tidal wave of social media. From communication to collaboration and multimedia, from reviews and opinions to entertainment, social media has infiltrated the homes and lives of countless people seeking some form of informational interaction, for example, the popular networking site, Facebook.

Because of its low cost and easy accessibility, social media has become a burgeoning force in the world of Internet technology and has prompted the interest of some to promote the concept of “social media consultancy” within the walls of businesses, third party organizations, and academia.

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Obama Administration's Economic Stimulus Bill on Higher Education

Midst the controversy of the notorious billion dollar economic stimulus bill that was passed by Congress this year in February, many are eager to know how it will affect the diurnal aspects of their lives.

While there many facets of President Obama’s stimulus bill, the most notable is the $150 billion apportioned to education, which shows for more than twice the amount of the Department of Education’s previous budget.

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Getting Past Senioritis: Make the Most of Your Senior Year

As springtime and warm weather sink in and the summer months loom, for some high school seniors, Senioritis will to. As easy as it is to cast aside their workload for playtime or rest, Senioritis and the “blow-off” mentality has the ability to scar a student’s college career. As the old proverb states, “A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest— and poverty will come on you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man,” so too will they find their college future flushing down the toilet.

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Zipcar: The Campus Transportation Alternative

Figuring out how to get around campus can be a problematic thing for some college students who don’t have a car. For those that have a car, parking, maintenance, insurance, gas, or payments can add up in expenses and hassles.

When you take a look at the alternatives to having a car on campus, your options may seem limited to public transportation, riding a bike, or just plain walking, and while most colleges offer living necessities on school grounds, it doesn’t hurt sometimes to venture out and hit the town beyond the limits of the bus routes and stamina of your legs.

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The Scholarship Interview: Part One - Preparation

If a scholarship interview is in your future, congratulations! You have made it to the final phase in the scholarship appeal process. This means your application aroused the interest of the judges enough for them to want to meet you in person.

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Expensive tutors and after school study sessions may be a thing of the past given the surge of online social media and a rise of school faculty reduction and program cutbacks. It is no wonder why students have increasingly adopted the newest and seemingly most accessible form of studying and homework assistance—online study websites.

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Choosing Your Career: Personality Counts

College is the most opportune time to gauge the type of career that would be the most befitting to you, your aspirations, needs, and, according to, your personality.

CNN published an article that discussed six different personality types and how people work better in jobs that correspond with their personality. I was so interested in their perspective, I felt it best to share.

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Green Jobs and Renewable Energy: The Answer to Unemployment?

If CSPAN and the market place page of your local newspaper have you worried that your future career stability might be in shambles before you even graduate college, fear not. Some people feel they have found money-making promise and their answer to their economic woes—jobs in renewable energy.

The concern over environmental issues has evolved from planting a tree on Earth Day and recycling cardboard into a tangled mass of politics and legislation. Out of that mass, a rivulet of industry called Green has been born. With the buzz over global warming spreading into the hearts of many people searching for a common cause, green industry is on the rise. From bumper stickers and t-shirts, green-friendly product containers, and reusable shopping bags now to solar panels and wind turbine mechanics, opportunity to find employment in a new industry may be mounting to the surface.

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Spring Break to Mexico May Be a No-Go

If your long-awaited Spring break trip is Mexico this year, you may want to reevaluate your vacation plans. On February 20, 2009, the United States Department of State and Bureau of Counselor Affairs issued a travel alert forewarning U.S. citizens of the imminent dangers traveling into Mexico may pose.

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