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Choosing Your Career: Personality Counts

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College is the most opportune time to gauge the type of career that would be the most befitting to you, your aspirations, needs, and, according to CareerBuilder.com, your personality.

CNN published an article that discussed six different personality types and how people work better in jobs that correspond with their personality. I was so interested in their perspective, I felt it best to share.

Personality Groups

These personality groups are centered around the greater number of common dispositions in the job market: Artistic, Conventional, Enterprising, Investigative, Realistic, and Social. (All data concerning job matches and average salaries is information directly from the CNN article.)


Synopsis: Artistic people work well not under the strain structured tasks, schedules, procedures and instructions. They would rather work in forms of expression and creativity.

Job matches:
Graphic designer…$48,891
High school drama teacher…$52,856
Landscape architect…$53,241


Synopsis: Conventional people are practically opposites of the artistic bunch. They thrive on structure and procedure, rules and schedules, details over ideals. A regimented daily method of conquering tasks is most preferred.

Job matches:
Building inspector…$47,735
Cost estimator…$53,413
Financial planner…$63,837
Technical writer…$55,747


Synopsis: Enterprise people are not typically detail oriented and prefer being apprised to the broad scope of the project. They are natural leaders and are the ones that put things into action.

Job matches:
Advertising sales agent…$39,103
Financial officer…$77,019
Management analyst…$63,610
Program director…$48,382
Sales representative…$44,784
Sales manager…$85,091


Synopsis: Unlike their enterprising counterparts, investigative people thrive on detail and problem solving. They are rational as opposed to innovative. They are more efficient working single-handedly versus on a team.

Job matches: Computer systems analyst…$61,549
Science professor…$73,532
Software engineer…$75,850


Synopsis: Realistic people have a practical idea of what can be achieved or expected. They like results and a hands-on work environment. If there’s a problem, they want to fix it.

Job matches: Diagnostic medical sonographer…$56,603
Highway patrol pilots…$69,098
Nuclear engineer…$84,044


Synopsis: Social people are…you guessed it, social. They prefer to interact with others in contrast to sitting in an isolated cubicle staring at a computer all the day long. They burgeon in team settings and are typically good communicators.

Job matches: Family practitioner…$160,264
Personal coach…$64,523
Personal trainer…$24,881
School psychologist…$49,622
Student affairs director…$71,093

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