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Not Going to College? Consider These Alternatives

There’s no denying the fact that college isn’t right for everyone, and increasing tuition has many people wondering whether going to college is even worth it. If you’re on the fence about the matter, it can be a tough decision to make.

It’s important to realize that not going to college doesn’t automatically mean you’re headed for a string of low-paying, dead-end jobs. In fact, jobs that do not require degrees—and pay well—are out there. Other professions require training that’s available at vocational schools or two-year community colleges, which are usually considerably cheaper than traditional colleges and universities.

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20 Motivational Quotes for Students

It seems like motivational quotes are everywhere. People post them as their Facebook status; they’re being repinned like crazy on Pinterest; teachers hang them on bulletin boards; they’re even on bumper stickers and inside fortune cookies.

It would be nothing short of impossible to include them all, but here is a compilation of 20 of the best motivational quotes for students. Read on … chances are, at least one of them will stick with you!

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Alternative Spring Break 2012: You Can Make a Difference!

If beaches, bikinis and booze aren’t your cup of tea, an alternative spring break may be a better way to spend your school-free week.

An alternative spring break usually involves volunteering, either locally or in another city. If wild craziness isn’t your idea of fun, working to help people in need will probably be a much more fulfilling experience than lounging poolside all day and hitting the clubs all night.

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Statistics Show College Donations on the Rise

Significant budget cuts are wreaking havoc on colleges and universities across the country, but recent statistics show that college donations rose considerably in fiscal year 2011.

Donations from alumni, foundations, corporations and other organizations reached an impressive $30.3 billion—an 8.2% increase over 2010 and just the second time in history that higher education fundraising crossed the $30 billion mark.

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Jobs for College Graduates: Be Prepared for the Current Job Market

Spring break is on the brain for most college students, but if you’re graduating in May it’s time to think about your job search skills. The economy is slowly recovering, but many young Americans are struggling—even those with college degrees.

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College Birth Control: Buy Plan B in Vending Machines

College health care centers across the country have doctors or nurse practitioners on staff that can prescribe and distribute birth control pills to students, but one university is making headlines for allowing students to buy Plan B in a vending machine.

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Average Student Loan Debt May Shock You: Informative Graphic

Student loans have gotten a bad rep in recent years, giving many people the opinion that they are a necessary evil. A college education is considered crucial yet the cost of attendance has skyrocked, and many students are taking out more loans than they can afford to repay on meager entry-level salaries.

In the fall of 2011, USA Today reported that outstanding student loans will exceed $1 trillion. Top Colleges Online created The Walking Debt to provide the public with educational average student loan debt information.

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Are College Rankings More Important to Schools than Students?

Nearly 30 years ago, US News and World Report began the phenomenon known as college rankings with the first issue of “America’s Best Colleges.” The Princeton Review, Washington Monthly, Forbes, Kiplinger, Fiske Guide to Colleges and other publications and websites have followed suit over the years. (As you probably guessed, we’re partial to the StateUniversity.com College Rankings around here!)

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