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Lack of Jobs After College: Graduates Moving Back Home with Parents

While college dorm life is still considered the first time many young people experience the world away from mom and dad, college graduates are moving back home with their parents in record numbers.

If you have a college degree but you’re sleeping in your childhood bed and enjoying your mom’s cooking each night, you’re not alone. High rent prices and student loan payments, coupled with low entry-level salaries or—worse yet—unemployment, are causing more and more college grads to live with their parents.

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College Letters of Recommendation: Advice You Can Use

The stress of applying to college is enough to make anyone feel anxious, but you shouldn’t drive yourself crazy. Whether you’re applying to two schools or ten, your application needs to paint a picture of who you are and what you can offer.

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A Look Inside the Best College Dorms

More and more colleges and universities are starting to refer to dorms as “residence halls” in hopes of sounding more home-y and less prison-like, but most of the general public still calls them dorms. Whatever you want to call them, they still a convenient place for students to live while attending college.

If you’re a high school student who is starting to tour college campuses, your parents have probably pointed out that dorm rooms have come a long way since they were in school. The mini-fridge and personal coffee maker may still be popular staples, but some of today’s residence halls offer impressive amenities like rec centers, theater rooms, and swimming pools.

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Colleges Going Gender-Neutral with Co-Ed Dorms

Living on campus can definitely be one of the best aspects of your entire college experience, but we’ve all heard the horror stories about freshmen being forced to live with incompatible (translation—annoying!) roommates for an entire school year.

Colleges with co-ed dorm rooms—rooms in which a female student lives with a male student—are growing in popularity. Experts are hoping that the trend catches on.

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College for Seniors: Classes Help Retired People Learn

If the term “senior citizen” conjures images of gray-haired grandparents traveling the country by RV or living in retirement communities in Florida, then you haven’t met any seniors that are college students! More and more retired people are going back to the classroom for a variety of reasons.

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Occupy Wall Street: College Student Protests Just Want to Be Heard

Occupy Wall Street—the ongoing movement being held by protesters in the Wall Street financial district of New York City to protest and raise awareness of social and economic inequality in the United States and around the world—has been happening since the middle of September.

Similar demonstrations are being held in major cities across the U.S. and college students are jumping on the bandwagon to make their voices heard. Outrage over increased tuition and fees, student loan debt, and high unemployment rates are among their concerns.

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Average College Tuition Increases by 8 Percent at Public Schools

Late last month, the College Board released its annual data on the cost of college. Although it is private schools that often get a bad rep for their hefty price tags, the average price increase at public four-year colleges and universities was higher than the average price increase at private not-for-profit colleges and universities for the fifth year in a row.

Roughly 80 percent of American college students attend a public school, which means that most students have firsthand experience with college price hikes.

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Freshman 15 is More Like the Freshman 3

Even if you didn’t go to college, you’ve likely heard of the dreaded Freshman Fifteen. It’s the expression used to refer to all the weight—supposedly 15 pounds, hence the name—packed on by college students during their freshman year.

A new study conducted by Ohio State University’s Center for Human Resource Research may have debunked the fifteen pound theory. Most college students don’t gain nearly that much weight—average weight gain is just about 2.4 pounds for women and 3.4 pounds for men.

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Most Beautiful College Campuses: Part 2

With so many of the prettiest college campuses in the world located right here in the United States, it’s tough to narrow things down and select the most beautiful college campuses.

Together with the five gorgeous colleges and universities mentioned yesterday, the five schools described and pictured below round out our list of some of the most beautiful college campuses. The lush landscaping, gorgeous buildings, and pure natural beauty are definitely easy on the eyes—and let’s not forget all of the learning that goes on!

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Most Beautiful College Campuses: Part 1

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (whoever “they” are!) but some of the best college campuses in the U.S. are also some of the prettiest college campuses.

The Princeton Review now includes a section on Most Beautiful Campus and Least Beautiful Campus in its annual college rankings, and it’s a safe bet that spending four years of your life at a school that’s ascetically pleasing can’t hurt.

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