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High School Drop Out Rates: A Visual Representation

The United States once had more college graduates than any other country. Politicians are anxious to reclaim the title by 2020 but the higher education system in America is rife with problems. Financial aid is a hot political issue with total student loan debt and the College Board is also asking Americans to realize that high school dropout rates are a serious problem.

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StateUniversity.com: Find Your Dream College Today

Finding the right college shouldn’t cause headaches! Whether you’re a high school student, parent, counselor, teacher or someone who wants to go back to school to pursue a new career, StateUniversity.com is the perfect resource for you.

Watch and learn …

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Group Work in College: How to Survive School Group Projects

Teachers, professors and even bosses love to claim that collaborative group projects are beneficial to all parties involved. Ideally, everyone brings their strong points to the table so tasks can get accomplished quicker and problems can be solved with ease.

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8 of the Highest Paying 2-Year Degree Jobs

Cheaper tuition during your first 2 years of school is a main selling point for most community colleges, but some students have no plans on transferring to a 4-year institution after earning an associate’s degree. Why? They have specific occupations in mind. Many people assume that a bachelor’s degree is the key to a decent living, but these (and several other) good-paying careers only require a 2-year degree.

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Stay in School: How to Be a Better Student

The United States once had the world’s highest high school and college graduation rates but since 1970, the country has dropped from number one to number 21 in high school completion and number 15 in college completion.

Students quit both high school and college for a variety of reasons. Here are a few suggestions that might help you become a better student.

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College Students Health Care: Tips for Staying Healthy in College

Parents are often advised to teach their children how to do laundry before going off to college. Knowing how to separate lights from darks is definitely something that comes in handy, but many new college students struggle with staying healthy during their first year on campus rather than accidentally turning white clothes pink.

Students should learn how to make good choices and adjust their lifestyles accordingly for their own well-being. Consider the following tips for staying healthy in college:

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Sick of School? 7 Things You’ll Miss About Being a Student

If you’ve ever grumbled “I can’t wait to graduate and be done with all of this!” you’re not alone. College can be tough—most people don’t do research papers or study just for the fun of it. Even so, it’s easy to overlook a lot of the benefits of being a student.

It might not happen right away, but here are seven things you’ll eventually miss about your college days.

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College Summer Classes: Are They Right for You?

School’s out for summer … or is it?

The spring semester is finally over and you’re ready for a little rest and relaxation. Sure, sleeping until noon every day just because you can sounds like an excellent way to spend June, July and August, but there are a lot of advantages to taking college summer classes.

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How to Enjoy College without Going Broke: 9 Easy Ways to Save Money in College

Some students are cutting costs by going to community college before they transfer to a four-year university. Others are living at home with their parents and commuting rather than moving into a dorm. Whatever your situation looks like, it wouldn’t hurt to have some frugal tricks up your sleeve. In no particular order, here are nine easy ways to save money in college.

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Post-Secondary Certificates: Popular Alternative to Degrees

College isn’t right for everyone, but high school graduates often earn far less than people who have degrees. A recent study has found that certificates, earned for completing a training program for specific occupations, may be a good path to higher-paying jobs.

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College Advice for Parents: Dealing with Empty Nest Syndrome

Raising teenagers is a tough job, but letting go when the time arrives can be just as challenging. It’s not unusual for parents to experience feelings of loss and loneliness. Consider the following college advice for parents—a little help in dealing with empty nest syndrome.

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Problems with Financial Aid College Debit Cards

A new report has found that some college students are experiencing even financial aid distress due to college debit cards, which are being used by many schools to disperse financial aid refunds. Any excess money remaining in a student’s account after tuition and fees are paid was once returned by check, but the practice of giving students pre-paid debit cards is becoming more and more popular.

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Common College Mistakes: Learn from Others and Avoid these 3 Blunders

A little bit of well-meaning input from concerned parents, caring teachers, and upperclassmen who have “been there, done that” can help new college students avoid basic regrettable blunders. You might be annoyed to hear this stuff before you even start college, but knowing what to expect ahead of time might help avoid some frustration and stress down the road.

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Pre-College Programs for High School Students Offer Taste of College Life

High school and college can seem like two different worlds, even if you think you’re prepared. Pre-college summer programs are a great way for high school students to take fun yet informative classes and experience a taste of college life.

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