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Making Confessions Online allows Students to Share Secrets Easily

While some may still prefer scribbling their innermost thoughts in diaries and journals, the Internet has even changed the way people share secrets. Websites and forums where people can make confessions online—anonymously—are growing in popularity, particularly among college students and young adults.

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Financial Aid Scams and College Student Spending Cause Concerns

Financial aid money is intended to help students pay for tuition, room and board, and other education-related expenses like textbooks and school supplies. In most cases that’s exactly what the funds are used for, but some college student spending habits are raising red flags. Some people are even scamming the system by enrolling in college classes just to receive financial aid, pocketing the excess cash, and dropping out of school.

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Stuff You Should Know: 10 Real College Student Responsibilities

The college years can be an incredibly fun time in your life, but students do have plenty of responsibilities that are easily forgotten after the fact.

If you’re a high school student that’s looking forward to your freshman year of college or a working adult who is thinking about going back to school, take these real life college student responsibilities into consideration:

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5 of the Greatest College TV Shows

Real-life dorm rooms and student apartments aren’t as pretty or as big as they are on TV; the students themselves aren’t as gorgeous and glamorous as the ones portrayed by actors; and professors aren’t all bald and boring with monotonous voices. Even so, college TV shows can be entertaining while offering a snippet of college life, albeit a somewhat unrealistic one. Here are five of our favorites.

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First Generation College Students: Challenges and Advice

Going to college has become more of a necessity than a luxury. At some large corporations, even entry-level jobs require bachelor’s degrees. But many high school students out there—even those with good grades and a desire to succeed—question whether or not they “deserve” to attend or if they’re even “college material.” These students are often the first members of their families to go to college, and they face unique challenges as a result.

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9 Ways to Overcome Shyness and Make Friends at School

College is commonly pitched as the perfect place to reinvent yourself, make friends, or fit in once and for all. While that’s true in some cases, it can be tough for introverted people to change their ways—especially on a huge campus with tens of thousands of students. If you make an effort, though, it’s totally possible to meet people you actually enjoy spending time with.

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White House College Scorecard: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

In his State of the Union address earlier this month, President Barack Obama promised to help the American public control the escalating cost of college while providing students and parents with more information about prices and value, or a way to help get “the most bang for your educational buck.”

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7 Completely Doable Alternative Spring Break Ideas

Alternative spring break trips, which generally involve a small group of students who travel to another city or country to volunteer, can be expensive.

If you’re unable to travel far from home for financial reasons or would simply prefer to make a difference in your own community, though, these alternative spring break ideas can be performed nearly anywhere:

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You CAN Cope with College Student Stress

From growing student loan debt and noisy roommates to 10-page term papers and midterm exams, college can be a pretty stressful time in your life. Toss in uncertainty about the future and a less than stellar job market, and it’s easy to see why college student stress is abundant.

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Stay Safe During Spring Break 2013

Students across the country are eagerly anticipating spring break, that mid-semester vacation famous for unwinding from the stress of college classes and taking party-hearty vacations. Whether your spring break plans include a quick road trip with friends or a lengthy flight to an exotic locale, take precautionary measures to help ensure your safety and well-being.

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7 Things to Reflect on When Choosing Your College Major

While it’s true that changing your major isn’t the end of the world, it could cost you time and money. Making a decision that has the potential to affect the rest of your life shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here are seven things to ask yourself or consider before signing on the dotted line.

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Living at Home During College: 10 Ways to Survive and Thrive

Going to college while living under your parents’ roof may make your college experience seem less “authentic,” but it’s completely possible to enjoy being a commuter student! Use these 10 tips to your advantage.

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7 Sensational Valentine’s Day Ideas for Single Students

February 14 has become incredibly commercialized, with heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, bouquets of roses, and teddy bears making their way onto store shelves before the New Year’s Eve merchandise hits the clearance rack.

If you feel like the only student in town without a significant other, surviving Valentine’s Day can seem next to impossible. Try not to get discouraged, though. It’s totally possible to make it through the day—and even enjoy yourself—without a boyfriend or girlfriend. Here are seven ways to “celebrate” on your own…

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Successful Transition from Homeschooling to College IS Possible

While it can’t be accurately described as “incredibly popular,” the number of homeschooled children in the United States is on the rise. But what happens when it’s time to go to college? Mom and Dad can’t award degrees from their living room.

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Need FAFSA Help? Don’t Wait!

Starting college this fall? It might seem far off, but don’t procrastinate on filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Doing so could cause you to lose out on money for school that you would have been eligible for.

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8 Gigantic Mistakes that Online Students Make

Online education programs have made college accessible to millions of people, but they are not limited to non-traditional students. Many universities require freshmen to take some of their required core classes online rather than in the traditional format.

But like all students, some online students make critical mistakes that get in the way of their potential success. Try to avoid these frequent blunders!

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Some Honest Advice for High School Students

If you’ll be starting college in the next year or two, you probably have a lot of misconceptions. College seniors usually look back to their freshman year in amazement—and it wasn’t even that long ago! Here are some things that most wish they had realized sooner…

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Checklist for College Fairs: 12 Tips

Deciding where to go to college is an important task. Most families can’t afford to visit dozens of college campuses to learn more about the schools and what they offer. That’s where college fairs come in!

College fairs are events that give high school students the opportunity to speak with admissions reps from numerous colleges and universities all under one roof.

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Best-Paying College Majors: Choose Your Major Wisely!

There’s a good chance you know at least one college grad that moved back home with Mom and Dad after donning a cap and gown. He or she might even have a part-time job that barely requires a high school diploma, let alone a bachelor’s degree.

Want to avoid becoming a barista, waitress or cashier after college? It might be a good idea to pass up your dream of majoring in art history or musical theater and choose one of these college majors instead:

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Potential Pitfalls of Dating Your Professor

If a professor that’s easy on the eyes helps you develop a sudden interest in subjects that usually bore you, that’s great. But if you find yourself flirting with Dr. Hottie, the feeling is mutual, and you actually wind up dating, take a moment to realize how ugly the situation could become.

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Broke and Hungry? 8 Easy Ways to Get Free Food in College

Have you ever noticed that food and college students constantly come up in the same conversations? New students are warned to watch themselves at all-you-can-eat campus dining halls for fear of gaining the dreaded Freshman Fifteen. Students who are not on dining plans are rumored to survive on ultra-cheap yet ultra-unhealthy Ramen noodles. But if there is one thing that college students love more than food (okay, and more than beer) it’s getting stuff for free. Free food? Bring it on! Here are eight ways to get free food during college:

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Classes and Parties and Clubs, Oh My! How to Say No

If you have ever wanted to turn down an invitation but wound up attending an event or joining an organization because you felt too guilty to say no, you’re not alone. Read more and learn how to say “No thanks!” without driving yourself crazy.

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