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Searching for Gay Friendly Colleges

Finding a school where you fit in can be tough for anyone during this transitional stage of your life, but a select group of students have an even harder time selecting a college or university: some lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered students (often referred to as LGBT) are more concerned about a school’s tolerance and acceptance of others than its academic reputation.

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Forget Camp and Day Care: Summer College Programs for Kids

Colleges and universities have been holding summer programs for high school students for years—classes and activities that give ambitious teenagers the chance to pursue hobbies, interests and potential college majors while giving them a taste of campus life.

As colleges struggle with budget cuts and declining enrollment numbers, more and more schools are offering summer programs for younger kids as well as high schoolers. Who needs camp or day care when you can send your kids to college?

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Smart Drugs: College Students Using Adderall to Study

The problem of drugs on campus is nothing new. Most college students drink, but others choose to “party hearty” regardless of the damage they’re knowingly causing their bodies.

A new drug has become prevalent on college campuses, though, but students aren’t taking it to get high—they’re taking it to study.

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Dumbed Down: Has College Gotten Too Easy?

If you’ve ever seen The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, you might be familiar with the segment known as “Jaywalking.” The recurrent skit features the comedian walking down the street, asking random people various general knowledge questions. Most of the responses he receives are completely off-base. Their ignorance definitely gives viewers a laugh, but if “Jaywalking” is any indication, lots of people out there aren’t incredibly intelligent.

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Class of 2011 Feeling Dismal Despite New Degrees: Most College Grads Moving Back Home

Graduating from college once symbolized entering The Real World—and not the one that’s captured by cameras to air on MTV. Graduation meant finally earning that coveted degree, which (hopefully) came with a good-paying job, a new apartment, and a lifetime of success and happiness.

Even if you’re not in college at the moment, you’re probably aware that things aren’t looking that rosy for the class of 2011.

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Students Speaking Up Silently: Classroom Discussions Going Digital

Passing notes at school used to be a no-no, but these days more and more students are communicating silently in class with their instructors’ approval. Instead of banning the internet during class, professors and teachers are incorporating it to keep students engaged.

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8 College Scholarships from Celebrities: Students Pay for School with Unique Financial Aid

Comedian and author Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central’s popular news satire The Colbert Report, is in the “real news” himself.

Colbert and his wife, Evelyn McGee Colbert, have made a gift to McGee Colbert’s alma mater, the University of Virginia. McGee Colbert, who graduated in 1985, double-majored in drama and English. The university’s College of Arts & Sciences is using the money toward an Arts Scholars program for students studying studio art, dance, drama or music.

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College Students with Fake IDs: Could a Common Rite of Passage Land You in the Slammer?

The legal drinking age in the United States might be 21, but let’s be realistic—middle schoolers have been known to experiment with Mom and Dad’s liquor cabinet, high school students commonly drink at parties, and by the time teenagers are in college, forget it.

Drinking on campus happens whether students are of legal age to buy their own booze or not.

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Summer School: Benefits of Taking College Summer Classes

Ah, summer—lounging by the pool with a cold drink in hand, getting a tan, and flipping through magazines for the pure fun of it. Sounds like a dream come true for college students that are eager to take a break from the books!

Other students understand the multiple benefits of taking college summer classes and decide to enroll in a few courses instead. Don’t worry, it is possible to balance extra schoolwork with relaxation, and besides—you might realize that some of these benefits are too good to pass up!

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College Libraries Facing the Challenge of Adapting for Students and Technology

College libraries were once the only place on campus where students could conduct thorough research for term papers and research projects. Browsing the card catalog and hitting the stacks were ordinary habits for most college students, and so was asking a librarian for assistance should problems arise.

Thanks to the internet and other technological advances, not to mention budget cuts, college and university libraries—along with public libraries—are being faced with the challenge of adapting to meet the needs of students.

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