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Five Benefits of Studying Abroad

Centuries ago, the practice of studying abroad was widely demonstrated commonly by the social elite. In those days, countries like England or France that maintained stronger economic structures provided a substantially higher quality of education, thus, bearing supreme educational opportunities for those of higher birth or wealth.

In the early 1920s, foreign study was integrated into the US college system but solely for the purpose of foreign language immersion. Today, the horizon of possibilities with regard to higher education has broadened, and more students have found that studying abroad has many additional benefits, whether they are choosing to focus their area of study on foreign language or something different.

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The College Application Essay and The Art of Self-Promotion

As you begin the application process, you will find that there are many steps to be taken in order to be a convincing candidate for acceptance, and it is not just based on merit. College and university admissions want to be sure that the person they are selecting to be apart of their school is a worthy student on both an academic and character level, which is why the college application essay is a fundamental part of the process. Many students who proved themselves to be academically deserving of acceptance fail because of their lowly attempt to woo the admissions office based on a poorly crafted essay.

Colleges base their decisions heavily upon a well-constructed essay. These essays are an immediate illuminator to who the student is personally. It is very important for schools and universities to maintain a standard of the quality of people they accept, and most often, these essays are the tool in which the standard is measured.

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The Credit Crisis and a Faltering Economy: Will It Affect Your Chances for Financial Aid

The clamor surrounding the current economic crisis and the major shifts in lending has aroused the concerns of many parents, high school seniors, and current college students in the market for educational loans. Many have already experienced the difficulties brought on by fewer lenders, higher interest rates, and more stringent credit qualifications. Some have even speculated that due to these new dynamics, higher education may become more and more difficult to achieve for the low income population as costs of tuition increase and credit becomes scarce.

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StateUniversity.com College Ranking System Now Online

StateUniversity.com is pleased to announce their launch of a college ranking system which offers a comprehensive statistical evaluation of colleges and universities across the nation.

Out of thousands of schools in America today, finding the very school that would fit your needs and desires without any kind of qualitative jump start is like finding a needle in a haystack. College ranking systems were devised over two decades ago to be a useful tool in this process.

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