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10 Party Schools that Lead to Big Money

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Yes, there are a few exceptions out there, but colleges and parties pretty much go together like peanut butter and jelly. Popular movies like Animal House and Van Wilder show just how wild college can be.

And to the schools’ dismay, some colleges and universities are even known as “party schools,” a rep that’s associated with heavy drinking and possibly even drug use, plenty of parties, and no lack of debauchery among students.

But don’t be quick to assume that students at party schools do more drinking than learning, because partying seems to pay off at some colleges. Salary website Payscale has created a list of American party schools that pay by comparing the mid-career median salaries of graduates from The Princeton Review’s Top 20 Party Schools.

Party Hearty and Get a Great Job

If you’re craving a party scene at school yet don’t want to flip burgers and live in your parents’ basement after graduation, you may be interested in the following 10 party schools that pay:

1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Party School Rank: 4

Post-Grad Salary Potential $95,900

2. University of California, Santa Barbara

Party School Rank: 7

Post-Grad Salary Potential $90,800

3. UT-Austin

Party School Rank: 15

Post-Grad Salary Potential $90,800

4. University of Maryland

Party School Rank: 16

Post-Grad Salary Potential $87,100

5. Syracuse University

Party School Rank: 10

Post-Grad Salary Potential $86,200

6. Miami University Ohio

Party School Rank: 9

Post-Grad Salary Potential $85,500

7. DePauw University

Party School Rank: 12

Post-Grad Salary Potential $84,200

8. Penn State

Party School Rank: 11

Post-Grad Salary Potential $83,000

9. James Madison University

Party School Rank: 18

Post-Grad Salary Potential $82,600

10. University of Wisconsin

Party School Rank: 13

Post-Grad Salary Potential $82,200

The Party Schools Respond

You’d think that any type of honor or distinction from a nationally-respected source would be an exciting achievement for any state university or private college, but for the most part, college administrators aren’t pleased when their school receives the crowning glory of becoming a top party school.

Becky Lofstead, a spokeswoman for West Virginia University—which earned the top “honor” of best party school in the country by the Princeton Review this year yet did not make the Payscale list cut, told The Huffington Post that the list had no real credibility.

A representative from the number two party school in the nation, The University of Iowa, shares Lofstead’s sentiments, telling the media that Princeton Review rankings “are based almost exclusively on anecdotes and random, subjective feedback.” It is ironic, then, that The University of Iowa was quick to announce their inclusion on The Princeton Review’s Guide to 322 Green Colleges.

Learn more about these party schools or any other state university or private college in the U.S. right here at StateUniversity.com.

Party Schools and Salaries Source: Payscale.com

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