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15 Easy College Halloween Costume Ideas: Girls, Guys, Couples

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Your days of walking door-to-door chiming “Trick or treat!” may be long over, but costume parties are a great way to have fun and relieve college stress with your friends. Store shelves are already overflowing with Halloween candy and decorations, but there’s no need to break the bank purchasing a pre-made costume that you’ll only wear once. Here are 15 easy college Halloween costume ideas that you can easily and reasonably make yourself:

DIY Halloween Costumes for Women

1. Housewife: There are two easy ways to make your own housewife costume for Halloween: wear a pair of pajamas or a fluffy pink robe and a pair of slippers; or wear a dress covered with an apron. Put curlers in your hair for an added bonus.

2. Bookworm: Wear a black skirt, white button-down blouse, tights, and flats. If it’s long enough, put your hair up in a bun. Wear your backpack and carry an impressive book such as War and Peace. Black glasses with thick frames will be the perfect finishing touch!

3. Wicked Witch: If you prefer to wear regular clothes, just dress in all black. If you want a “witch’s gown,” cut holes in a black sheet for your head and arms. Top with an inexpensive witch hat and carry a broom. Practice your cackle before the party!

4. Fortune teller: Pair a loose, flowing blouse with an ankle-length skirt. Purple or navy blue are both great colors to choose from. Tie a few scarves around your waist and tie another around your hair. Wear plenty of bangle bracelets, rings, chains or necklaces, and large hoop earrings. Carry a deck of Tarot cards or “crystal ball” to complete the look.

5. Hula Dancer: Wear a bikini top, bathing suit, or tank top with shorts and a grass skirt from a party supply store. If you don’t want to risk going barefoot, wear flip flops. Add a few plastic leis as the finishing touch and carry around a plastic coconut drinking cup.

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Men

1. Old Spice Man: Go shirtless and wrap a towel around your waist. (Wear shorts underneath just in case!) Carry a bottle of Old Spice body wash, deodorant, or whatever product you choose.

2. Businessman: Get ready for your future post-college career by dressing up as a businessman for Halloween. Wear a dress shirt, tie, dress pants and nice shoes. Carry a briefcase for added effect. Easy peasy!

3. Doctor / medical technician: Find an inexpensive pair of blue or green scrubs at Wal-Mart or another discount store and remember to pick up a plastic stethoscope from the Halloween aisle. Try to resist the urge to crack cheesy inappropriate jokes like “Wanna play doctor?”

4. Where’s Waldo?: Blue pants (jeans can work, too) and a red-and-white striped shirt will instantly transform you into Waldo. If you can’t find the shirt, use a white one and draw your own red lines with Sharpies. Don’t forget a pair of black “nerd” costume glasses!

5. Tourist: Wear a Hawaiian-print shirt, cargo shorts or swim trunks, and flip flops. Stick a folded map in your pocket and wear a camera around your neck.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Couples

If your better half agrees to wear a Halloween costume for couples, your options are nearly limitless. Here are a few easy outfits to try:

1. Ken and Barbie: “Ken” can wear a snug-fitting shirt and jeans while “Barbie” can wear just about anything pink and a blonde wig if necessary. If you’re feeling ambitious and want to ensure everyone knows who you’re supposed to be, create life-size “Mattel” doll boxes out of large cardboard boxes. Paint them pink, of course!

2. Mad Men couple: Release your inner Don and Betty Draper (or Don and one of his many other female “companions”) when “he” wears a suit and tie topped with a fedora and “she” sports a vintage ‘60s-style dress (hit the thrift store!) with heels and red lipstick.

3. Prince William and Kate Middleton: Remind your friends that you deserve the royal treatment when you dress up as William and Kate. “Wills” can look authentic if you find a red jacket and make a blue sash out of fabric from the craft store. Wear with black pants and dress shoes. For “Kate,” find a used wedding dress or white prom dress at Goodwill, carry a bouquet of artificial flowers, and pop a plastic tiara on your head. Voilà!

4. Prom King and Prom Queen: You really can wear your prom outfits a second time! If you don’t have your prom dress handy, ask your parents to mail it to campus or just purchase a cheapie discount store dress instead. (Anything long will work.) The king can wear nearly any “dressy” outfit. Top with plastic crowns and you’re good to go. Just be sure to perfect your cheesy smiles and waves!

5. Cheerleader and Football Player: Old school uniforms will be the easiest way to pull this off, but it’s also possible to easily make your own—“she” can show her school spirit with a short pleated skirt, short-sleeved sweater and pom-poms while “he” can wear snug athletic pants and a football jersey. Go team!

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