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4 Reasons Why Online University Programs Are an Option Over Brick-and-Mortar Institutions

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Universities have moved to the Internet! Not only that, but many universities exist solely online. Ads are everywhere, so the notion of conducting one’s education online has become a very popular and preferable one.

Why? The reasons for this allow online universities to compete on equal footing with brick-and-mortar schools, especially in a struggling world.

The first and most important reason for the online university, or getting one’s degree online, is, of course, the convenience. If one has a full-time job and an otherwise busy schedule, going to a brick-and-mortar school would make one’s life more hectic. This way, prospective students can do work at their own pace and in accordance with their own schedule. Since course work is posted online, it can be accessed and retrieved at any time, day or night, along with class discussions, whatever and wherever they may be. Nothing can really be missed.

In conjunction with this is another convenience that appeal to students—no note-taking. Everything is only and can be printed out or read online at any time. Online universities, or online courses, virtually eliminate the need for any supplies other than the computer itself, and the printer, of course.

The second reason the online schooling serves as a challenge to off-line universities is no traveling in necessary, so no one will be late for class. Furthermore, if one grows ill, the same contingency applies. This, of course, also fit in the above-mentioned convenience, but lack-of-travel, to a lot of people, seems to stand by itself, especially since it means so many things, not the least of which is saving LOTS of money on gas (in today’s world of $6-something a gallon, that definitely means something).

Then there is the amount of time put into it. Many online universities guarantee that students will finish in approximately half the time that is normally required at a traditional college, so time is saved. For example, Master’s degrees, which usually take two years, can be completed in less than a year. For people who are limited on time and need to push forward, this also is an important and appealing consideration. It means that work might be doubled up, but the possibility is there for students to finish up early if they wish or need to do so. Online universities and the plethora of regular universities offering online classes can be quite flexible that way.

Yet a fourth reason why online universities are a seriously considerable educational alternative is cost. Although prices vary from school to school or program to program, online university programs are generally lower in overall costs than the brick-and-mortar institutions. This might be due to lower overhead and staff compensation (fewer instructors), not to mention no rent, parking fees or supplies (the last might be an absolute, but most materials are, as said, provided by computer software and Internet systems. Anything else needed could be downloaded for free or at minimal cost. A book or two might be required, but not much more than that.

Anyone wishing to look into online universities or online programs can do so anytime. Among the common institutions associated with this form of higher education are: Boston University Online, DeVry University Online, Indiana University Online, University of Florida Online, University of Illinois Online, University of Maryland Online, University of Phoenix Online and University of Texas Online. Many others exist, too. Check ‘em out!

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