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Academic Research Studies Can Earn Extra Cash

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We all know that it can be difficult to find a full-time, campus-living college student with loads of money. Unfortunately, their need for cash is great. While finding a job is an option, it may not be entirely conducive to a study schedule or profitable, for that matter. The good news is there are other ways lurking about to turn a few extra dollars—research studies.

What Are Paid Research Studies?

Academic research studies are devices that enable scholars (professors and graduate students) to obtain data for analysis and experimentation to further their work at the university.

There are many different types of studies. Some may require simply filling out a survey, and some studies may require the use of a certain product for a given period of time. Whatever the specifics may be, professors, or those running the study, know that the participants’ time and conveniences will be imposed upon, and therefore, cash payment is an effective lure.

How Do I Find Legitimate Paid Studies?

It is important to know that there are companies and people who will offer money in exchange for your involvement in a paid study. A good deal of these companies make illegitimate claims—online ads especially. Academic studies, on the other hand, are non-profit, beneficial ways for the university to grow in their capacity for information and research.

The way you can find means to participate is keep your eyes and ears open:

  • word of mouth
  • bulletin boards
  • college radio ads
  • Craigslist
  • classifieds

Be wary of online ads for paid research. It is not too often university studies will advertise online.

How Do I Know If I am Eligible?

There is an array of stipulations depending on what the researchers are looking for. Studies can cover a broad range of criterion from marital status, age, race, physical conditions, and medical conditions to occupation or human/physical/political geography, etc.

The pre-screening process takes place either by phone, mail/email, or in person. Researchers must be extremely discriminate in their screening process in order for the collected data to be accurate.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

If you are chosen to participate in an academic research study, there are a couple things you should know:

1. The researchers will tell you what the study will be and what it will entail; where it will take place and how long it will be. If the study makes you feel uncomfortable, do not do it.

2. Be aware that by participating in a study, your private information may be collected and used to further the purpose of the research. It is wise to read through any privacy clauses to make sense of how your information might be used. If you do not feel comfortable about it, again, do not do it.

3. They will also discuss how much and when they will pay you. Compensation can range from $10 to possibly $100, depending on the demand of study. If the researchers do not make mention of how much you will be paid, ask and go no further until you know.

Typically, payment is issued 2-8 weeks after the study.

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